We Love Dads & Local Schools!

Happy Dad’s Day!

Kids who memorize and recite this poem will win $250 for their school. 

To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re inviting kids to memorize and recite this poem — a wonderful message for kids and all of us to take through life. It’s a Pardee tradition! Please send video submissions of your child/children reciting the poem to love@pardeeproperties.com (subject line – Father’s Day Poem) anytime between now and July 17, 2022. 

video submission guidelines:

  • say your name
  • what school you attend
  • recite the poem
  • must be local to the LA area

please record videos horizontally 

Somebody said it couldn’t be done.

My dad had me memorize this poem at 8 years old and it has been a poem I live by to this day.
- Tami Pardee

Here is what our Pardee dad’s had to say about fatherhood:

Fatherhood means loving your kids unconditionally; expecting nothing in return. It’s the ultimate challenge, requiring you to show up whole or risk passing on your traumas and patterns to them. It’s about making mistakes and repairing your wounds. It’s about giving your kids the tools to succeed and knowing when to admit you’re lost. It’s about accountability and role modeling what it means to be a flawed human. It’s about showing and sharing love. It’s about holding space and honoring their success, and stepping in and supporting your kids during their dark times. It’s been instilling a sense of trust in themselves so they can navigate the joys and obstacles of life.

My favorite part about being a dad is the little moments. Supporting them as they shape who they are. Holding them when they’re scared, lost or hurting. Laughing with them when they’re joyful and content. Watching them grow, make mistakes, and try to do it better the next time. It’s about being present for the moments in life, sharing and shaping memories, and finding meaning through our lived experiences. It’s about loving them and receiving their love in return.

John Moos 

Tyler Kunkle

It means everything! Fatherhood is such a special and unique opportunity to love someone unconditionally and is really just being everything your child needs you to be, whenever they need it. Seeing your kids laugh and be happy is like no other joy you’ll ever experience in life.

Tyler Kunkle 

Matt Freeman

My favorite part of being a dad is learning from my daughter to live in the moment.

Matt Freeman

For me, the best part of being a father is watching my daughter experience the joys of being a kid, and reliving that part of my life again with her. There are moments where I get to watch a spark ignite in her eyes. And I’ll instantly get hit with a great memory from my childhood. There’s a window between ages 7 and 12 where being a kid really means something. And I’m soaking that up right now.

Patrick Belton 

Matt Balsz

Being a good father is the most important, rewarding and fulfilling responsibility a person can have, knowing you don’t have to be perfect as a parent just continually striving for better. The best part is the continual evolution of parent / child relationship, and being mindful of all the best parts of each stage

Matt Balsz