Back To School — Back to Basics

Summer is coming to a close and a new semester is just around the corner — already! We can hardly believe it either. Parents may be finding themselves caught off guard, in a mad scramble to get everything done before the big first day back. Not to worry. We’ve laid out a plan to help you get prepared so you can spend less time stressing and more quality time with your little ones.

Get school supplies early

There is always a long list of school supplies needed each year, for each grade and each teacher. Try to check everything off that list as early as possible to beat the rush and get exactly what your student needs and wants.

These ZIPIT Pencil Cases are funny and functional (courtesy of

Running from store to store can be time-consuming and exhausting. Aim to get as many things on your list as possible from one place to avoid the wild goose chase. Try U.S. School Supply ( or Amazon ( if you prefer shopping online or go to Target for that just-throw-it-all-in-the-cart kind of shopping.

School clothes

Star Wars gear, Avengers gear, or both? (Courtesy of

Dress to impress! Getting a few new staples and trendy pieces in your student’s wardrobe will help them gear up and gain confidence for a fun first week. Don’t break the bank because what’s cool now won’t be forever and if your kiddo is due for a major growth spurt this year, you’ll be back in the dressing room before you know it. Once the clothes are purchased and hanging in the closet, plan the outfits for the first week. It will help to quell the morning rush, and make getting dressed easy breezy!

Create a plan and get organized

This colorful, eight-pocket organizer can keep all your school-related paperwork categorized and in one place. (Courtesy of

Never underestimate the power of planning and organizing. By thinking ahead, your student’s (and your) year will be smooth, enabling you to do more. Think about creating schedules for homework time, carpool routines, extracurricular activities, and meal planning. Take the extra time now and save tons later.

Do a Health Check

After a few months away from campus and less exposure to coughing kids, your child probably hasn’t had a cold in a while. Keep your student and their classmates healthy by confirming yours isn’t bringing anything harmful or contagious to school with them. Schedule a check up with your family doctor before it’s time to get back in the classroom. If your primary care office will allow it, try and schedule vaccinations during the same visit to save time.


It’s never a good feeling to start out the school year on a negative note. Not knowing the drop-off location or optimal way to get to school, can cause unnecessary stress. Get yourself and your child familiar with the layout of the school, especially if it’s a new one: where your student’s classes are, bathrooms, and the lunch area. When getting there on time isn’t a cause for concern because you know that campus and the route there like the back of your hand, you’ll be able to focus on what is truly important: first day jitters! ?