Pardee Spotlight: Get Ready for Next-level Pilates with Pilatesmith


We're thrilled that our friends at Pilatesmith are expanding and opening their second location right next to our own office in Culver City! It's an exciting development that promises to bring even more health and wellness to our community.

Pilatesmith is known for their results-driven Athletic Pilates style that delivers the benefits of Pilates while building overall fitness for maximum impact to your body's composition. They offer leveled Group Workouts, Private Training, and tough (but safe) workouts for Prenatal & Postnatal women. It's no surprise they are already a hit with our neighbors, and we couldn't be happier to welcome them.

More About Pilatesmith

The allure of Pilates has become widely recognized, particularly here in Los Angeles. As more individuals discover Pilates and progress in their practice, Jessica Henien, the visionary behind Pilatesmith, noticed a common challenge among clients: they were hitting a figurative "Pilates Ceiling." Many felt they weren't sufficiently challenged or struggled to find advanced classes.


Recognizing this gap, Jessica saw an opportunity to create a studio tailored for seasoned Pilates enthusiasts—a true "Pilatesmith" experience. This studio:

  • Embraces an Athletic Pilates approach, ensuring each session delivers a rigorous workout regardless of skill level, while also enhancing overall fitness for optimal body transformation.
  • Tailors group workouts to match intensity expectations, offering diverse formats to prevent boredom or stagnation.
  • Provides dedicated space for personalized private training, allowing individuals to maximize their results with customized routines.
  • Boasts a team of expert trainers committed to consistently delivering top-notch instruction, guiding clients to unlock their body's full potential.
  • Cultivates a supportive community atmosphere that promotes positivity and encouragement.