Pardee Spotlight: Butterflies for Dada

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We are thrilled to announce that a member of our work family has written a remarkable children's book! This isn't just any children's book; it's a poignant story about coping with loss, filling a much-needed void in the market. We couldn't be prouder of our Partner, Paige Ogden (AKA Luisa Loo), for this incredible accomplishment. Check it out – now available for sale on Amazon.

Grief is a difficult topic to address, especially with children. Despite the fact that 1.5 million children live in a single-parent home due to the loss of a parent, discussing grief often feels impossible. With Mother's Day just passed and Father's Day approaching, parentless children may feel heightened grief and anxiety during this time.


"Butterflies for Dada" is changing the conversation around grief, particularly for children. This bestselling children's book aims to destigmatize loss during childhood by offering a gentle story about finding symbols of love even after a parent or family member has passed away.

A Story of Love and Loss

"Butterflies for Dada" has already become a bestseller in several categories, including Grief, LGBTQ+ Families, and Children's Books on Values. The book features beautiful illustrations and a captivating cover by Aura Lewis.

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Author Paige Luisa Ogden makes her debut with this touching story. Inspired by a life-changing moment with her nanny family, "Butterflies for Dada" follows the true story of Mazzy and her little family: Papa, Dada, and her nanny Luisa Loo. Mazzy's life is turned upside down when her Dada is suddenly rushed to the hospital, and she and her Papa are forced to say goodbye too soon.

Navigating a Rainbow of Emotions

Mazzy experiences a range of emotions — sadness, grief, and confusion — which are common for children facing traumatic events. In the story, Luisa Loo helps Mazzy process her grief. They spend time in nature, embarking on an adventure that leads them to a field of wildflowers and butterflies. When Mazzy shares that butterflies remind her of her Dada, Luisa Loo teaches her that even though someone leaves this world, their energy remains in the beautiful things around us.


Through Luisa Loo's wisdom and love, Mazzy learns that she is forever connected to her Dada. Ogden's story emphasizes the importance of play, imagination, and magic, encouraging caregivers and family members to support grieving children by finding light in the darkness.

A Healing Journey for All Ages

"Death is a difficult subject for even adults to talk about, so no wonder we struggle explaining grief to children. But this author was able to share Mazzy’s story in a way that provides both healing and hope! It’s such an important lesson for kids (and even adults)," writes Lauren D. in a 5-star Amazon review.


"Butterflies for Dada" offers a perspective on grief in children, showing readers how to find beauty in simple acts. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or other loved one, this book provides comfort, inspiration, and beauty for anyone navigating grief.

“While this may not be the book you read every night,” says Ogden, "my hope is that this book becomes the one you reach for when you are at a loss for words.”