7 Things People Worry About When Selling Their Home

Putting your home on the market brings with it excitement but it can also induce fears and worries. We get it. From preparing your home for open houses to negotiations, there are a lot of things to think about.

To help you out, we asked our CEO Tami Pardee and one of our listing Partners, Kerryann Sullivan, to share the top things people worry about when they list their home (maybe you can relate?) and their tips on how to overcome those worries and get some peace of mind as you dive into the home-selling process.

You’re worried about your valuables.

Your home will see lots of foot traffic when it comes time for open houses, and you may be concerned about the safety of your valuables. Our priority is to protect your home so one of our associates will always accompany anyone who goes into your home for private showings. However, we always recommend securely tucking away any irreplaceable valuables like jewelry or storing them at a different location just to be safe.

You’re worried your home won’t look good.

When you put your home on the market, you want it to look its absolute best but that alone can feel like a daunting task. Our listing agents make it easy for you. We do a full walk through of the property and offer tips on what things to put away, fix, and rearrange. We also make recommendations when we feel some light staging is needed and offer our in-house handyman services for small repairs. Some quick pro staging tips include: hiding trash bins, clearing the clutter off of countertops, and making all the beds.

You’re worried your neighbors will attend your open houses.

It is inevitable that people from the neighborhood will drop by one of your open houses. People are curious. Our agents are always friendly. They make sure to talk to everyone and keep an eye out for neighbors and engage with them about the location.

You’re worried you don’t have quality photos of your property.

We always have professional photos taken of all of our listings to ensure we showcase your home in the best possible light. Our photographers are experts at shooting homes and know how to get the best angles and lighting. Once your home’s photos are taken, our in-house marketing department selects the best images that really capture the beauty and essence of your home and designs marketing materials around them including flyers and social media posts to promote your open houses.

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You’re worried you won’t have time to keep your home tidy for random showings.

We like to accommodate private showings when possible. If you live in your home, we’ll coordinate all requests for private showings with your approval. As the requests come in, we do our best to give you at least 24 hours notice (unless you specify otherwise). This should give you ample time to tidy up your home and finish any other preparations. Obviously, last-minute requests do happen from time to time but our goal is to always give you plenty of time to prepare.

You’re worried about figuring out your list price.

If deciding on a list price is what’s stressing you out, don’t worry. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll access your home and review what similar properties are selling for in your neighborhood in order to determine the best list price for your home. However, at the end of the day, the listing pricing it completely up to you and we support you 100% with whatever you decide.

You’re worried about feeling overwhelmed throughout the home-selling process.

We’re not going to lie. Selling your home is a big feat. It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed about the process. From helping you make your home sparkle to taking care of all the marketing, we do our best to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you. We create a pre-listing timeline to map out everything that needs to get done. By breaking it up into small manageable tasks, it makes the process a lot easier, and, dare we say, enjoyable.

Now that you’ve read through all these common worries and pro tips, we hope you feel a lot more at ease about the whole process. It’s not as scary as it may seem especially when you have a stellar team on your side.

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