The Indispensable Role of Real Estate Agents: Insights from the Sitzer/Brunett Trial


The recent Sitzer/Brunett trial has sparked a crucial conversation about the roles and responsibilities of real estate agents, especially Buyer's Agents. We want to highlight the fiduciary duties that we professionals uphold and the broader value we bring to both buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

Real estate agents, whether representing buyers or sellers, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. From market analysis to negotiation skills and understanding legal requirements, agents are invaluable in navigating the complex real estate landscape.

As fiduciaries, Buyer's Agents have a legal duty to act in their clients' best interests. This includes providing honest advice, securing the best price, and ensuring that the property suits the buyer’s needs.

Without a knowledgeable agent:

  • Buyers may end up paying more than the market value, lacking insights into competitive pricing and negotiation strategies.

    • As the largest mega real estate team on the Westside, Pardee Agents know the market better than anyone else. Our Agents provide comprehensive property analyses and deploy the latest negotiation strategies to get the best deal for Buyers.

"Her brilliant negotiation skills secured me a home after competing with multiple offers." Zillow review on 11/9/2023 from vans e 0729 for Pardee Agent Lindsey Brodsky

"When we entered escrow, she had multiple options for each kind of inspection ready to go, she scheduled them all back to back in our very short window, and she was there in person for most of them so she could keep on top of all the details. Her attention to detail was amazing and made the whole process of buying a home much easier." - Zillow review on 10/31/2023 from michaelchu games for Pardee Agent Cassandra Monnastes.

"Every time we asked her for something (a question to be answered, something to be scheduled, request of the seller, references for inspectors or other professionals we needed, she responded very quickly each time. We'd barely press the button on "send" and we'd have a response from her." - Zillow review on 10/19/2023 from Cherie Rodgers for Pardee Agent Emma Ruselll

Misunderstandings or errors can lead to legal troubles or financial losses since real estate transactions involve intricate legal documents.

We strive ourselves on Continuing Education throughout the year to stay on top of the latest contracts. We also contract with Real Estate Risk Management (RERM) to stay on top of the latest laws and legal issues in California Real Estate.

Potential problems in properties may be overlooked by unrepresented buyers, resulting in costly mistakes. Professional agents have an eye for these potential issues as they’ve encountered them before.

Pardee Agents are some of the highest-productive agents in Los Angeles, meaning your Agent lives and breathes real estate day in and day out. Additionally, our Management Team has over five decades of collective experience in Los Angeles Real Estate so we know how to handle all sorts of unique and complex situations. 

Navigating a purchase with complicating factors, like easements or zoning issues, can be daunting without expert guidance.

We have a strong network of development advisors that we refer our clients to for complicated deals, including architects, contractors, zoning and permit advisors, and lawyers.

The service fee for real estate agents is compensation for the expertise, diligence, and protection they offer. But paying a service fee for the best real estate team in Los Angeles is nothing compared to the amount of losses a Buyer will encounter when a deal goes south due to an agent's inexperience.

The Sitzer/Brunett trial reminds us of the essential roles real estate agents play and emphasizes the importance of transparency. As fiduciaries, real estate agents are critical in ensuring a fair and beneficial process for their clients, safeguarding their interests, and guiding them through complex transactions.

We'd love to hear about your experiences or insights on how having a professional agent made a difference in your real estate journey! Share with us!