Our Wishing Tree Was a Success — Thanks to You!

With gratitude and the spirit of the holiday season surrounding us as we entered into the New Year, the Halton Pardee tried something new. This past December, we invited our neighbors and friends to stop by our Venice Office to make a wish on our Wishing Tree. For every wish we received on our tree, we promised to donate $1 to one of our local favorite nonprofit foundations – Harvest Home.

We were so pleased to see the outpour of special wishes that so many of YOU added! In total, we collected 1,044 wishes on our tree and we love that we are able to donate $1,044 to Harvest Home.

Here are some of our favorite wishes:

  • I wish for kindness being spread like confetti

  • I wish all children to have a safe place to sleep

  • I wish to become a social worker and help people

  • I wish for good grades and health!

  • I want a world without guns

  • For those that are stressing… find peace… enjoy the moments

  • I wish for a full family, laughing so hard I cry, and crying so hard from happiness in 2019. And the pitter patter of little feet and paws

  • I wish that all of the families affected by the wildfires get the love and support they need

  • I wish for my kids to find their way to being happy and healthy

  • Have fun and dance

  • I wish for it to rain ice cream

  • In 2019 I will manifest abundance so that I can contribute more to taking care of the people in my life and community

  • My wish for everyone is to slow down each day to appreciate the people, love, and health we all have!

  • More wishes

We plan on making this an annual tradition, so if you weren’t able to get your wish on the tree in 2018, you can plan to stop by in December. We are grateful for you all and hope all your wishes come true. Wishing you love and light in 2019!