Here’s How Long Your Kitchen Renovation Will Take

With a multitude of moving parts to consider—from cabinets to countertops, paint to plumbing—the process of renovating a kitchen is far more complicated than, say, renovating a bedroom. And of course, timelines vary: Maybe your kitchen is itty-bitty, or you’re just changing out the cabinet fronts and nothing else—that would be significantly shorter project than a soup-to-nuts renovation. But regardless of the project’s size and scope, renovating a kitchen is going to take longer than you’d think. Here are all the steps involved and how to figure out how long yours will take.

1. Meet and Greet

Interview designers and discuss wants, needs, and expectations. “A good system is to look for exciting projects in the press, then approach the designers responsible,” says Merlin Wright, design director at Plain English.
1-2 months

2. Design Draft

“I take your words and turn them into drawings: perspectives, floor plans, elevations,” says kitchen designer Jim Dove. 3-4 weeks Work together on revisions.
2 weeks

3. Development

This is when your designer delves into nitty-gritty details (silverware storage, pantry placement) and finalizes materials and sourcing decisions.
1 month

4. Fabrication and Delivery

Once plans are in place, cabinetry will be ordered and custom-made according to your specifications. Hackworth says, “the designs should be in the production line pre-demo.”
2-5 months

5. Demo and Install

Say goodbye to your old kitchen and hello to the new one! Talk timelines with your designer: installing new electrical, plumbing, floors, cabinets, and surfaces can be a long process.
1-9 months

6. Decorating

Finesse the finishing touches: Hang curtains, mount art, style shelves, and—last but not least—admire your work. Now get cooking!
1 week

Source: House Beautiful