Community Organization Spotlight — Not Impossible: Tech for the Sake of Humanity

Not Impossible is a community of innovators, creating life-changing devices and delivering inspiring content that compels action. They are changing the story of healthcare by providing open-source, DIY solutions that HELP PEOPLE.

Not Impossible Labs

Founded on the principle of Technology for the Sake of Humanity, Not Impossible Labs LLC is an award-winning instigator of innovation and content creator. Since 2008, Not Impossible Labs has engineered, programmed, hacked and crowd-solved issues of inability and inaccessibility and provided low-cost solutions for the most vulnerable on our planet.

Not Impossible disrupts the status quo by creating impactful innovations and then producing compelling content in which the journey of that innovation inspires many to action. This creates a sustainable cycle where collaboration inspires innovation, and where our content compels further action. This is their “HELP ONE. HELP MANY” philosophy that breaks down barriers and enables greater access for all.

Along with a community of passionate and talented engineers, makers, idea generators and storytellers, they’re making the impossible, Not Impossible.

Hunger: Not Impossible

Hunger: Not Impossible will feed millions who needlessly go hungry in America … with a text. They are working to decrease the amount of food-insecure Americans by leveraging the technology they are already using — cell phones — to provide healthy, ready-to-eat meals.

Music: Not Impossible

Music: Not Impossible started with the premise of providing a better live music concert experience for the deaf and hard of hearing. They wanted to create something to empower them to enjoy music in a whole new way.

After almost 3 years of continuous research and development they have engineered a complete platform for composing, translating and sending audio as vibrations wirelessly to the users’ bodies. What they learned along the way is that while MNI definitely makes it easier for the deaf and hard of hearing to experience music, it is also very enjoyable for everyone else.

In the near future vibrotactile art will be a means of expression where we all can appreciate rhythms, intensities and movements conveyed to the human’s largest organ: the skin!

The system comprises a set of wearable devices, software, hardware and wireless communication. The wearables set includes a vest, two wrist, and two ankle bands supplying 8 distinctive areas of vibration across the user’s body. We call it a ‘Surround Body Experience’. It has evolved to provide three different vibratory translations of music:


Cody has no peripheral vision and is on the verge of profound deafness. Eventually will lose his sight and hearing.

The Not Impossible Labs team has developed a wearable device, adapted from Music: Not Impossible technology and built into a superhero costume, to help Cody navigate the world while feeling like the superhero he is.

Range-finding technology built into MNI’s existing vibrotactile hardware, allows Cody to feel what his eyes will soon no longer be able to perceive.


Peroxisome Biogenesis Disorder is one of countless diseases, disorders and life events that limit children’s ability to sense and navigate the world around them.

In this age of innovation, families deserve more than isolation and blind hope.

Let’s work together to give these heroic families the resources, support, community and attention they deserve.


To help Project C.O.D.I. and similar initiatives, please donate to The Not Impossible Foundation.

The specific purpose of Not Impossible Foundation is to support social enterprise initiatives and organizations that are making the impossible not impossible in order to inspire and solve some of the world’s biggest problems. The Not Impossible Foundation will advance scientific, medical and innovative research to help develop and implement solutions to these very same problems.

To learn more about this amazing organization and all their projects as well as how you can get involved, visit

All images, graphics and information courtesy of Not Impossible.