7 Best Places for Major Home Decor and Home Improvement Inspo Online

Whether you’re redecorating your home or doing a total remodel, the first step is always the same: gather inspiration. You can’t dive into making changes until you have a clear vision of the vibe, style, and aesthetic of the space you want to transform. Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of home decor and home improvement inspo online. Here, we’re sharing seven of our favorite places. 


It almost goes without saying but Pinterest is a wonderland of interior design inspiration. You can spend hours upon hours scrolling through your Pinterest feed and never run out of beautiful photos to spark creative concepts. To make the process of gathering ideas more efficient, create separate boards for different categories. This will make it easier to reference later. Or, if you’re working on a specific home decor or improvement project, pin them all to one board to create a mood board for the space.


Domaine is a great place to go for all things home with a bit of lifestyle mixed in. On the site, you can read about the latest home trends, shop recommended items, learn decor tips from experts, discover organization hacks, and even get exclusive peeks inside the homes of some of your favorite celebrities (hello, Gina Rodriguez’s beachy boho living room!). Filter articles by room to make things easier and bookmark or pin the ones you find helpful.

Architectural Digest

If you’re looking for aspirational photos to pull ideas from, Architectural Digest has your back. The magazine’s content focuses on state-of-the-art design trends and some of the most beautiful interiors you’ve ever seen including the homes of celebrities and other well-known names. The site’s Clever section is a bit more laid-back and geared toward real life. You’ll find stories on renovations, items to shop, and more.

Apartment Therapy

Don’t let the name fool you. Apartment Therapy isn’t just for apartment dwellers. All design enthusiasts are welcome. They’ll let you know when there are big sales going on so you can snag new pieces for a redecorating project. There are lots of product reviews too which is helpful. You can also scroll through house tours of real people’s homes. And if you want to get your DIY on, there are articles for that too.


If you have no idea where to even start with a remodeling project, you definitely need to head to Remodelista. The site’s Remodeling 101 section is filled with great resources on everything from how to choose the best kitchen cabinets and hardware to creating your dream bathroom. Once you’ve read through those helpful guides, click on the “Get Inspired” section to peruse through house tours, expert tips, product roundups, and more.


Houzz is different from the other sites on this list. It’s not a publication but rather an online platform for folks who want to renovate or redecorate their homes (or just want to drool over all the design inspiration). You’re also able to shop for decor pieces and get connected with professionals in your area who can help you bring your vision to life. 


Dwell is another great resource for home decor and improvement. The site’s “Renovations” section, in particular, is worth checking out if you’re looking to revamp your home. There are tons of before and after photos to use as a muse. The photos section of the site is also a great tool. You can filter by specific characteristics (let’s say, you only want to see photos of granite countertops) so you can quickly and easily gather inspo.