15 Must-Try Hacks to Take Your Home to the Next Level

Life is already crazy and busy all on its own. Elevating your home shouldn’t have to be. Whether you just purchased your dream home and want to spruce it up or you’re getting ready to sell, here’s 15 home hacks that will turn your home from blah to ta-da in no time.

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in beautifying your home. If you’re just moving in, it’s a great way to reset the energy of the space and make it your own. And if you’re preparing to sell, it’s a relatively affordable and easy way to up the value and appeal of your home.

2. Hang eucalyptus in your bathroom

There’s nothing like getting home after a long day to a bathroom that feels like a total spa. Recreate that spa atmosphere by hanging a bundle of fresh eucalyptus over your showerhead. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but the steam from the shower will help infuse the entire space with the plant’s soothing scent.

3. Install dimmer light switches

Want to create a relaxing ambiance and save some money? Install dimmer switches throughout your house. This home hack is inexpensive, easy to do yourself, and will bring down your electricity bill too.

4. Make your own artwork

Artwork can be really pricey sometimes and if you just invested in a new home or are preparing to buy a new one, that might not be in the budget. Luckily, your walls don’t have to be naked. You can have some fun and make your own art with materials you find at your local craft store.

5. Change out hardware

It’s all about the details sometimes and that applies to the hardware throughout your home. Upgrade your cabinet knobs and faucets for an instant mini makeover that doesn’t break the bank.

6. Use drawer inserts

If you can never seem to find things in your messy drawers, consider getting some organizational inserts. They are, dare we say, life-changing. They’ll help keep your things in place which will make staying tidy a breeze.

7. Dress up your ceiling

Your walls aren’t the only areas you can spice up with a fun paint color or wallpaper. Change things up a bit by adding a pop of color or print to your ceiling instead. This is a simple and low-cost way to add some visual interest to the space.

8. Sprinkle wicker baskets throughout your home

Clutter is one of a home’s worst enemies, and unfortunately, it’s inevitable. That’s where wicker baskets come in. They’re great for tucking away things like toys, books, magazines, and other random knick knacks, but they also serve as Pinterest-worthy decor.

9. Hire a virtual interior designer

Decorating your brand new house is a big task to undertake on your own. Thankfully, there are a lot of virtual interior design companies that will help you adorn your entire home room by room at an affordable price.

10. Throw lemon in the garbage disposal

No one likes a stinky home (especially potential buyers!). To make your kitchen smell nice and fresh, chop up a lemon and run it through the garbage disposal to clean it up.

11. Use spaces for different purposes

This hack is great if you’re staging your home yourself and even if you just want to refresh the vibe of your home. Look for areas that don’t get a lot of use and turn them into an entirely new space. For example, if you have a dining room that you never use, why not turn it into a playroom or office instead? Get creative.

12. Incorporate mirrors to add light

Hanging up mirrors on your walls will make the space look more polished and put together. And, it’ll make the room appear bigger than it really is and add more light too. They don’t even have to be expensive. You can find good ones at estate sales or thrift stores and just spray paint the border to give it new life.

13. Create stylish vignettes

If you have little nooks throughout your home that are bare, use the space to create vignettes that tell a story. You can incorporate things that you already have around your home like a small table or console, books, a nice lamp, flowers, and some decorative trinkets. Scroll through Pinterest for inspiration.

14. Add slipcovers to your couches

Sofa slipcovers are a great way to give your living room a new look without having to purchase new furniture. Change them out according to the season or your mood. Plus, they’ll help protect your couch from stains of damage if you have kids or pets.

15. Flip your rug upside down

If you’re a little bored of your current rug or it’s a bit worn out, flip it over! This might not work with all rugs but some have different textures and colors on the bottom that are just as pretty. It’s worth taking a peek.