Chloe Misisco

Chloe Misisco

Chloe Misisco

Partner | DRE #02094234

Chloe has an innate ability to read personalities, a drive to negotiate the best deal for her clients, and a calming and assuring disposition that allows her to seamlessly facilitate the most enjoyable and stress-free experience for all- A nice blend of skills learned growing up with a therapist mother and businessman father, perhaps. Chloe’s enthusiastic, can-do attitude and authentic caring nature is ideal for identifying each client’s desires, anticipating and catering to their unique needs, and skillfully guiding them to fulfill their real estate goals.

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach, Chloe has made her way down the coast from Northern California where she was born and raised. She comes from a very entrepreneurial background, having been a key member of a successful tech start up that she helped lead to acquisition by the New York Times. As her friends began purchasing homes themselves, they repeatedly shared with her their stories of feeling overwhelmed and as if they were blindly navigating the process alone. Chloe recognized a level of service and client education was clearly missing from their experiences. This initially propelled her to pursue a career in real estate where she has seamlessly integrated her vast skillset, always with a focus on transparency and effective communication. Chloe completely manages the process end to end while ensuring her clients always feel supported, informed, and as involved as they’d like to be throughout.

From traveling and experiencing different cultures around the globe to exploring new farmers markets and local restaurants in her own backyard of LA, Chloe is passionate about exploring and has a way of turning everything into an adventure. And when she’s not doing that, she’s busy beating her husband Matt in a game of tennis. The competitiveness runs deep.

Chloe Misisco

Chloe Misisco

Partner | DRE #02094234

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Susan on Zillow, Sep 11, 2023

We truly could not have asked for a better agent to represent us in purchasing our first home! Chloe was exactly what we wanted and needed. She was extremely knowledgeable, and she walked us through the whole process in a way that was easy for us to understand. Not only did she come with a wealth of information, but she was also so attentive, responsive, and available for every single one of our questions throughout the whole process. She was always present while also being 10 steps ahead, making sure that we didn't have to stress about anything. Thanks to her being on top of everything, the whole process went by so smoothly and quickly!

In addition to all that, we fully trusted Chloe. Buying your first home is a huge deal, but we knew we were in good hands. She genuinely cared about our needs and had our best interests at heart. We are so grateful we found her, and thanks to her -- we are so happy with our new home!

Chloe was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire negotiation and close process. She was very responsive, had a knack for attention to detail, and shared frank views of price, the unit, and the neighborhood with me. Her level of communication and foresight is second to none, and she was always thinking about the next step in terms of closing in a timely manner. We toured multiple properties this year before settling on the one I closed on, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home in the Los Angeles MSA. Chloe is the consummate professional, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

We are so lucky we found Chloe! Throughout a couple of years of house hunting on and off, and some big changes in our lives, she has been by our side through it all. Her patience, warmth, and knowledge of real estate made the complicated process of buying a home exciting, emotional, and rewarding. When we found our dream home, we figured it was impossible for us to get. Chloe helped us negotiate and worked hard to make the deal happen! She is full of creative and smart ideas that will make all parties happy. We are now happily living in the dream home we never thought we'd have! We're so grateful to have built a relationship and friendship with Chloe. She's the best!

Chloe sold our home for above asking in a week! From finding staging companies to setting a good listing price and negotiating with buyers, Chloe and her team did a great job getting it done and making the process easy for us. I highly recommend her and her team at Pardee.

I don’t write reviews often, and if/when I do, it’s usually to warn people to avoid things. This one is a little different…I want people to be aware of how incredible Chloe was throughout the purchase of our first home.

Back in January, my girlfriend and I started to get a feel for the market and wanted to start viewing properties before deciding to buy. We tried a Redfin agent, and it just felt rushed and not genuine. We decided to put an inquiry into Pardee Properties, where we were connected with Chloe. This was the best thing that could have happened to us. One thing we were looking for was someone who was responsive, honest, straight forward(no bs), knowledgable about the LA market, kind, and a shark. Chloe is all of that and more. From the first place we viewed, Chloe was on time, responsive, knowledgeable, and ALWAYS kept us in the loop.

After viewing 10-15 places, and getting outbid a few times, we found our dream home. Chloe was able to get us into an off market property, and avoid the crazy bidding wars here in Los Angeles. Her connections and insight landed us a property within our budget, under market value, and 2 blocks from the beach!!!

What separated Chloe from the rest was how she handled our escrow. We had issues with our loan and Chloe took control of the situation for us, keeping our escrow agent, mortgage broker, and all other parties in check. Chloe was available at all times to explain the ins and outs of the home buying process, as well as a shoulder to lean on during the stressful time. We consider her more of a friend than a realtor.

Through the hardest and most stressful experience of our relationship, Chloe was our rock. She always assured us she would get the job done, and remained calm through the storm. We really don’t think we would be in this home if it wasn’t for Chloe’s ability to manage others, communicate effectively, and ALWAYS be available for a call.

Chloe changed our lives, we wouldn’t be in this position or home without her. Getting us into a home, with equity built in due to buying under market value is unheard of in West LA.

6/5 stars

We are new to LA and found Chloe while touring different open house. Of everyone we met over the few months of touring houses, Chloe was the first that we felt truly comfortable with.

As first time home buyers, Chloe helped us to understand the process, kept us updated on the market and data, without putting too much pressure on us and allowed us the space (and time) to get comfortable.

Once we were ready to start putting offers in, Chloe was an excellent advisor, keeping honest with what she thought a true home's worth was and keeping our heads grounded in comps as other buyers started to get over zealous.

We ultimately bought a home that we had seen a few months earlier that had come back on the market. When we got saddled with Covid and couldn't come on-site, Chloe immediately took full control of the inspection process, immediately pulling in multiple inspectors and saving us from tens of thousands of dollars in issues. She negotiated the seller to take on all of the work with vendors that we picked, saving us a ton of headaches and money.

We are so happy in our new home and happy to recommend Chloe to anyone else!

Chloe was great throughout my home buying process! She is great at listening to what you are looking for and not pushy at all. She knows the market in LA very well and has helpful insights. I got sick with covid and had to quarantine in the middle of closing and she was amazing and took care of everything with the inspectors and kept me involved so nicely the entire time. My home purchase could not have happened without her. I was referred to Chloe through a friend who bought with her and I would definitely recommend her to others in the future. I can't thank her enough for a smooth home buying experience!!

Chloe is a true professional and absolute pleasure to work with during what can be a very stressful experience. As a first-time homebuyer, she set my mind at ease by explaining each step of the process, never pressuring me to make a decision, and holding my hand from start to finish. She listened intently to all of my feedback and helped me to find a beautiful home in a neighborhood she had recommended for my growing family. She also helped me negotiate (even in a hot, seller's market!) and ensured that our bid was the most attractive, while still remaining in my financial comfort zone. The inspection process was a breeze, as Chloe took care of everything quickly and efficiently. Even after closing, she has been so helpful in assisting with little maintenance issues here and there. I cannot recommend Chloe more for your property needs!

Could not recommend Chloe more. From the very beginning to close of escrow, she was indispensable, communicative, kind and helpful. My home buying process in a notoriously tough market took less than 2 months, a testament to how efficient and knowledgeable she is. I first got in contact with Chloe when I inquired about seeing a listing. That one quickly went off market, after which Chloe promptly consolidated a list of assets on the market that were all very much in line with what I wanted. She understands her clients and the market exceptionally well. Within the month we had put an offer in on an absolute dream of a unit and, with her instrumental help in negotiating, managed to win in a competitive bidding process. Do yourself a favor and go to Chloe for any homebuying needs. I couldn't imagine doing this without her!

Chloe is amazing! We were first time homebuyers and had so many questions. Chloe was patient and took the time to go over everything with us. She was proactive and sent us homes daily. She was very responsive and was always available. After we found our home we still had questions and Chloe provided us the resources. By the end of the process we not only saw Chloe not only as a Relator but as a good friend. We were so lucky to work with her.

We can not say enough good things about Chloe!! We met her by chance - she was the real estate agent that Zillow linked us with when we wanted to view a property. Turned out, that we ended up putting an offer on it with Chloe and started the home buying process.

This was our first time buying a home, and as you can imagine, we had LOTS of questions. Chloe was phenomenal every step of the way. Either she would give us thorough answers immediately; or, for more specific questions about the property, seller, designer, construction (it was a flipped property), she would do deep digging and always come back with detailed answers quickly. We always felt very comfortable moving forward every step of the way with Chloe’s guidance.

Even after we closed she happily helped us with tying up all the loose ends, and still responded to all of our questions just as promptly and thoroughly as before closing.

Not to mention she is a joy to talk to and be around. Every time we met her at the property for multiple viewings, inspections, etc - we were greeted with a warm smile and heartfelt conversation and information.

For this being our first time buying a home, Chloe made it about as painless as I believe possible. Couldn’t ask for more!

Chloe enthusiastically and cheerfully helped us through the search process and a rigorous due diligence, never losing patience or exerting the slightest pressure to do anything except be thoroughly happy with our decision. It was real pleasure to work with her.

Second time home buyer. First time, I learned so much and wouldn't change that. However, I also didn't know there was a much better way at the time. Before just accepting one of the 'assigned online agents' (you know what I'm talking about), consider the alternative.

Enter Chloe, stand-out enthusiasm and vivacious personality backed by experience and flawless execution. As we began to work together, I became more impressed with her, her knowledge of LA neighborhoods, and her ability to pick up on exactly the homes I was likely to be interested in. Better yet, the process continued to be smooth throughout all of the inspections and paperwork thanks to her being on top of it all.

It was a relief to work with someone so capable, someone always one step ahead of every filing and signing and potential 'gotcha'. The whole process was such a breeze compared to all of the worrying I had in my previous home buying experience. She even helped me find someone who assisted with specialized financing for my specific scenario through her exceptional contacts.

For all of these reasons and more, I highly recommend Chloe to anyone at any stage in the home buying process.

Chloe is an incredible agent - knowledgeable, hard working, and willing to go above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible. We were very impressed with how she bent over backwards to accommodate us as we got to know the market, and saw houses on and off for more than a year, and when we were finally ready to buy, she helped with everything from setting up all the inspections, to finding us options for anything we asked for - painters, cleaners, landscapers - you name it! She’s also kind, funny, and easy to be around. What more could you ask for!

Chloe acted as our agent when we purchased our first home this summer (July 2021) and she truly knocked it out of the park. She's an absolute wealth of knowledge, a joy to be around and one of the most responsive people I have ever worked with. She assisted us through an incredibly tough market and went above and beyond, giving us countless referrals once we closed on the house (contractors, painters, landscapers, plumbers, etc.). Hire her! You won't regret it.

We are first time home buyers and the entire experience would have been a whole lot more stressful if it weren’t for Chloe. She was with us every step of the way and assuaged our concerns with her vast experience and warm disposition. It was still a daunting process (and quite an emotional roller coaster), but we came out on top thanks to Chloe!

We began the process in a very exploratory phase, and probably saw a solid 30 places over 6+ months without making any offers. Throughout the entire time Chloe was extremely patient, helpful, and straight up fun to be around. As first time home buyers she was able to teach us everything about the process and was very responsive with any questions. When we finally decided to make an offer she was knowledgeable and straight forward about where we stood, and we never felt any sort of pressure (which we loved!). After the offer was accepted she was very helpful in keeping things on track, negotiating our request for repairs, and was always available. Can't say enough kind words about Chloe!

Chloe was referred to my husband and I by a friend she helped purchase a home last year. Buying in the current market was many times disheartening, but Chloe was always upbeat, and very prompt and professional to get us in to see homes and make offers ASAP to give us the best chances. As first time buyers she helped make the process very smooth and was able to answer or get answers to all our questions. So thankful we had her helping us, and just closed on our house yesterday!

We greatly appreciated Chloe's help and assistance, while she was guiding us through a rather complex purchase of our first property in the Los Angeles area.

We benefited greatly from her expertise in the local LA real estate market, professionalism, timeliness, flexibility, and positive attitude despite dealing with several pandemic-related challenges.

Chloe educated us about all the pitfalls and intricacies of choosing the right location and community and about safely navigating through the home buying process.

First time home buyer, I knew my top location, my preferred amenities, but had not seen any homes. I was able to dive head first into viewing because Chloe was so quick to respond my list of homes and quick to get viewings scheduled. When you move fast, you learn fast, and my search went from broad to narrow very quickly which meant I spent more time looking at places that fit my goals. When I liked a place, I received comps the same day so I could decide -- move forward or no. With Chloe's ability to get me into see homes, her quick comp info afterwards, and her knowledge of neighborhood types, I was able to make quick decisions with trust. Not one minute of my time was wasted and now I am a proud condo owner in Santa Monica!

Chloe is amazing! It was our first home purchase - we spent half a year searching, saw a ridiculous number of homes, had a million questions through the process, and Chloe patiently guided us through it all.

We never felt pressured to make a decision - Chloe just focused on giving us guidance on things to consider. She was always responsive no matter how trivial the questions. Most importantly, she was committed to finding the right place for us (our tastes for style don’t always align so it was not the easiest task).

Could not be more thankful for Chloe’s guidance and friendship through the process. Have recommended her to our friends. Was an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Enjoyed working with Chloe from A to Z. Very upbeat and always prompt and helpful. Very professional. Made the complex process of buying a home seem simple , easy and seamless. Would work with her and her team any day again. Cannot say enough good things of having her support throughout the purchase. Highly recommend her. Also a very pleasant personality.

We would not have found our dream townhome without Chloe. She kept an eye on all listings, even ones we weren't considering, and found the perfect place for us. Chloe remembers everything you're searching for in your ideal home and will not give up until she finds it for you. She's so responsive and so on top of everything. Everyone says that buying a home is so stressful but I felt no pressure at all because of Chloe's cheerful, chill, and "I'm on it!" attitude. It was a perfect first time home-buying experience for us. Thanks Chloe!

I can't say enough good things about Chloe as a realtor. End to End, Chloe was available to answer my questions, consult me, and help quell the inevitable anxieties around purchasing a home. She had referrals and resources handy to provide, as well as advice and guidance where needed. Her top quality, for me, was her responsiveness and almost immediate communication no matter how large or small the inquiry- it was really impressive. She also provided me with space I needed to make the best decision for myself in order to feel confident in my purchase. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a realtor, I will be working with her again in the future!

Thank you for everything, Chloe!

Very professional and responsive Listened well and was in tune with what we were looking for. Great negotiator. A pleasure to work with and would not hesitate one moment to work with her again.