Adam Seid

Adam Seid

Adam Seid

Partner | DRE #02003182

Adam’s start in real estate is a natural progression from his experience in the world of entertainment aligned with his passion and commitment to the community. Before his real estate career, Adam was a managing partner representing talent for over 15 years. Being able to draw on a large network of celebrity clientele he created relationships with nightclubs and casinos managing their celebrity events. He would hone a concept then leverage personal relationships to find cost-effective ways to enhance branding and create “relevance in the marketplace.”

This collaborative work ethic comes naturally to Adam, allowing him to exercise his unwavering dedication to community service and urban planning. He became the organizer and Director of “Grass Roots Organization for Urban Progress.” This is his continued passion, a project that involves training, coaching, and motivating community empowerment and mentorships. Engaging with local residents, nonprofits, and governmental agencies to address equity concerns in the face of neighborhood change and gentrification fuels Adam’s interests and provides a breadth of expertise. Not only is he interested in finding the right home for his clients, but is passionate about protecting the community around it for the common good.

You’ll often hear Adam talk about finding the right neighborhood experience for his buyers. “I enjoy taking my clients through the home buying journey and educating them what urban planning and laws will help them with the biggest investment of their life.” After work, Adam is typically harvesting vegetables with his family and neighbors at his local community garden.

Adam Seid

Adam Seid

Partner | DRE #02003182

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Happy Client Reviews

This is my 3rd time working with Adam and Ali. The first time was purchasing a condo in 2021. There was no hesitation in calling Adam when I decided to sell the condo and buy a single family home with my partner and bonus kids. I knew we’d be in good hands as Adam is someone who truly cares for his clients (as demonstrated by the fact that we’ve stayed in touch since!). He’s kind but keeps it real. At no point do you feel Iike he’s trying to make a quick sale and genuinely wants the best for you. He was particularly incredible through the inspection process and didn’t leave a stone unturned to make sure we had no nasty surprises. We felt very taken care of throughout. Communication is easy and Adam is just a wonderful human all around. I also have to give a shout out to Ali on his team. Truly incredible in every way. Kept us updated, super knowledgeable and just fabulous to be around!

We were very lucky to have found Adam. I don't think it would've been possible for us to pull off a first home purchase from across the country in the market of February 2022. Adam was readily available and after quickly learning our taste only presented us with homes we would love. He gave us the confidence of being in Philly but still feeling like we knew the neighborhoods. I would recommend Adam to anyone in a heartbeat. Almost 2 years later Adam is still readily available to help find contractors or navigate any questions or concerns you can have in home ownership.

Adam Seid is the sweetest guy in the world while simultaneously being an absolute beast when it comes to fighting for his clients. We worked with Adam for over a year to find a home (during an incredibly tight market) and nearly every time we brought up his name to other realtors, the immediate response was “We LOVE Adam!” That’s the kind of guy Adam is: a people-person whose connections (in real estate, entertainment, business, etc.) run so deep that it’s mind-boggling. And Adam’s close relationships come in very handy when it finally comes time to close the deal.With Adam (and his incredible team- more about them later), you’re not just getting someone who will help you buy or sell a home, you’re getting someone who will walk you confidently, but gently, through every step of the process - including incredible after-sale support.We needed some additional work done months after our home was purchased and Adam helped us arrange for workmen (and met them at our home!) when we were out of town. That’s right, long after all the commission checks were cashed, there’s Adam, connecting us with his favorite workmen and driving across town to let them in. Tell me where else you can find someone with this level of commitment to their clients?[Adam even introduced us to two couples (former clients of his) who live in the area we’re moving to, just to make sure we had friends in our new neighborhood.]One of the many things that you will love about working with Adam is the insane accessibility. Phone calls are instantly picked up and on the very rare occasion that they’re not, they’re immediately responded to and a callback is scheduled. Texts are also responded to straight away. You will never be left wondering about anything. It’s astounding.Another thing to know about is the long-term-relationship approach that Adam and team have with their clients. We fell out of escrow and were concerned that Adam and his associates might lose patience with us because we pulled out and because our house hunt was taking so long. That was not the case at all. Know that if you work with Adam, he will back all of your decisions. He only asks that you communicate openly so that he can constantly be getting you in the best position to achieve your desired goals.Adam Seid and Ali Haigh are a powerhouse team. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and savvy. They’re nice to everyone, yet when it comes to deal-time they will do whatever is possible to make sure that your offer will be the one that’s accepted. Given how skillful, yet pleasantly aggressive they were on our behalf as buyers, I can only imagine how fantastic they can be on the part of a seller. If you want to work with a talented, skillful, fun, universally well-liked realtor, who will work his butt off and negotiate with precision and craft on your behalf, look no further than Adam Seid, who at this point I have come to consider a friend. All I can say is “Thank you Adam.”

We looked for our first home for the last 3-4 years, and we lost bidding wars more than 10 times in the past. We almost gave up on finding our house but decided to keep looking thinking that we could potentially change our strategy by finding a new agent. Around that time we found a house we really fell in love with and we met Adam in the open house. We introduced ourselves and we really liked him from our first interaction with him. After a few phone conversations, we felt very comfortable discussing almost anything with Adam and decided to change our agent to him and he happily accepted us as well. From the beginning, he was very polite with his natural calm demeanor and willing to help us in any way by sharing his extensive knowledge. He has such countless and valuable experience in this field and also is a very strong and trustable negotiator. Not only is he a great, honest and reliable person in nature, he also listens to every single question very patiently and answers them until we have some resolutions. He is not only patient, but very friendly and smart and never gives up! He has led us to win the competition when there were a few more strong offers and ended up negotiating with the seller for us many times upon closing and successfully led us with plenty of credits, which helped tremendously for closing cost and future repairs. Ali, who is his assistant, is also very responsible, kind and reliable. Whenever we have questions, she answers immediately both in text/emails, sometimes phones, so we feel safe and protected at every single step by both. When it comes to reading and signing very lengthy and complicated contracts/documents, Adam and Ali have helped us to understand everything in details, so we weren't stressed out too much or lost in any paperwork. Lastly, he doesn't end his job when a house is sold. He is there even after closure, a few months or even years later for help you. We have consulted him so many times already as he knows so many people in different fields and continues to be available and willing to help you. He helps you A LOT, and we feel so lucky to be able to find him and work with him! If you are looking for a house, we highly recommend working with him! You will definitely not regret it.

Adam is the best real estate agent/mentor/Sherpa & friend. My fiancé & I are complete newbies to home purchasing. But Adam really took us under wing & guided us throughout this stressful process. Because of his expertise & efforts, we just purchased our 1st home with our 1st bid ever!Adam is very cognizant of the needs & wants of his clients. And when we found the best home within our budget, he helped us strategize to show that we were the best applicants for the home. It’s been a whirlwind month but we could not have been better prepared. Everything panned out exactly as he predicted, from the steps of bidding, escrow, negotiations, & closing. I highly highly recommend adam & his team (hi Ali!). We love him so much that I’ve already referred my friend to work with him. Thanks again!

I am so grateful that I found Adam and his extraordinary duo, Ali and Diana. The house that Adam found for me was an off-market listing that was perfect, and very unexpected. I have not bought a home in a very long time and the process was at times overwhelming and exhausting. But Adam was my Sherpa guide throughout. His patience, thoughtfulness, responsiveness, and sense of humor got me across the finish line. He was a delight to deal with, always, even when hand-holding was what I most needed. I could not recommend him more highly. Thank you Adam!

I feel fortunate that I came across Adam and his associate Ali about a year ago. I was a first time buyer with an eye towards purchasing an owner/user investment property. Adam had some fantastic lender suggestions right off the bat who really understood what I was after and how to be of the most help. Adam and Ali were extremely patient with me as I went through all the ups and downs that come with a first property purchase. After we identified the property I would eventually close on, Adam seamlessly worked the purchase negotiation and provided excellent inspection vendors that left no stone unturned. I hope to be in a position to use Adam and Ali again in the coming years. They are hardworking, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about the entire process. Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy in LA.

If you want a hard working, extremely well informed, and strategic advisor as an agent, you need to work with Adam and the team at Pardee. Many real estate agents expect to get your commission for showing you a few open houses which you already found on Zillow. Not Adam. His team finds off-market listings because they are connected with agents and a network of homeowners throughout LA. They work tirelessly, previewing homes for you, to make sure they are a fit to your requirements so you aren't wasting time visiting misaligned properties. And they guide you step-by-step through the entire buying process including working with loan officers, inspectors, and other 3rd parties. One thing that stood out for us was how strategic Adam was in helping us think through and evaluate loan products and mortgage banking options. His help and guidance saved us tens of thousands of dollars. Lastly, Adam's teammates - specifically Diana and Ali - are amazing too. Together, they made the entire homebuying experience smooth and predictable.

Six months ago when we met Adam, we had an amusing dream of owning a home in East LA. Today, we closed on our favorite home of the more than 50+ open houses we saw. Adam made that happen. As first time homeowners, he understood our needs and validated our feelings during the weird and wild home buying rollercoaster. He gave us his expertise, time, and energy generously and was always open to our feedback. We almost lost our home in escrow multiple times but Adam’s relationships helped give us the time we needed to get a new lender after our first one let us down. Beyond his partnership and advocacy for us, we’re really thankful that he’s brought us such great people to work with as well. The process wasn’t easy (is it ever?) but we were glad to have Adam as our cheerleader, coach, and advisor. Ultimately, it was nice to work with people who truly care and will fight to make your dream a reality. We couldn’t be happier or more grateful to Adam and his team!

Adam and his associate Ali were amazing to work with and helped us find our home in less than three months. As first-time home buyers, they were great at helping us through the process of finding a mortgage lender, putting in offers, walking us through inspections, closing, and even finding contractors after we closed. They are both super responsive and helpful and the best captains you could ask for when trying to navigate this wild housing market. Grateful we found them.

It’s my privilege to write this review for Adam after he successfully navigated our family through the home buying process. This was our first home purchase and he made a very stressful process truly enjoyable. He has high end knowledge of the area and was able to educate us throughout. I can’t imagine going through this without him and I will use him for all of my real estate needs in the future. He is always available, connected, and ready with an answer to all our questions. He and Ali Haigh are a great team, and we can’t thank them enough.

Adam was incredible during the purchase of my first home. So knowledgeable, responsive and supportive. He also helped connect me to various vendors after the close as I wanted to do some remodelling which was so helpful. I’d definitely recommend him and his team!

My husband and I worked with Adam on a complicated move. We were moving across the country with limited ability to see houses ourselves. Adam insisted we share any house we were remotely interested and worked around our schedules to do as many showings as we wanted. He helped us identify issues with properties we otherwise would not have been aware of. Once we found a home we loved, there was a complicated closing with multiple issues to navigate. Adam and Ali were with us every step of the way. Often within a minute of us messaging him with a question he would call us to discuss. Once we closed on our home he was in touch to help us find trusted vendors for various projects we wanted to complete who have all been as thorough, flexible, and quick to communicate as Adam. I don’t know how we could have survived this stressful process without him and his team and cannot recommend his services highly enough.

I never write reviews, but I was so unbelievably blown away by the help Adam was able to provide for my wife and I during our home buying process that I feel compelled to tell the world how great he is. My wife and I first met Adam at a showing ~2 years ago. We weren't seriously looking at the time, but Adam spent quite a while getting to know both of us and took an interest in us, regardless of our current buying potential. Right away we hit it off because Adam was more genuine and authentic than any other agent we had met, and we met many through various open houses. Over the next two years, Adam kept in touch and continued to provide very thoughtful and useful insight on the local market, trends he was seeing, and listings that fit the bill for what we were looking for. The info that he shared was incredibly useful, and he always came from a place of trying to educate us, and not push us to buy. One day out of the blue, I came across a house on Zillow that looked like what we were looking for. I sent it over to Adam, and the very next day, he met up with my wife and I and we went over for a showing. The place was exactly what we were looking for but we hadn't anticipated buying yet, and hadn't even started getting things together to make an offer. It was also our first house, so we had a lot to learn. That's where Adam really shined. He walked us through the entire process, step by step, so we knew everything we needed to do and everything that we could expect. As first time home buyers, we had a ton of questions and even more concerns, but Adam was always there with a ton of patience and helpful advice. When the time came to submit an offer, Adam provided us with coaching on the best strategy to get the place and I am confident that without his advice, we would have lost it. During escrow, we came to realize that both the seller and their agent, were an absolute nightmare to deal with. Throughout the process, they were malicious, unresponsive, aggressive, and wildly unprofessional. Despite this, Adam was poised, assertive, and protective, shielding us from their behavior. Any other agent would have told us to walk away, but Adam knew how much we wanted the place and he fought for us for ~45 days, providing us with daily updates keep us at ease and to keep things moving forward. When the day came for us to actually close, we were still dealing with problems with the seller and his agent and Adam had surgery scheduled for the same day. Despite this, he was still in touch in the minutes leading up to his surgery and almost immediately again after it was over. The amount of dedication and commitment he had to us was truly touching. We have since moved in and Adam is still in touch, helping to get us lined up with contractors and checking in to ensure we've got everything we need. I am SO HAPPY we chose to work with Adam and so grateful that he made time for us. I cannot overstate enough how amazing he was and how great it was to have his help over the past few months.

Buying your first home is stressful and doing so in a city where you’ve never lived before is a challenge to say the least. We are very glad that we had Adam to help us out with this process. He knows Los Angeles very well and was able to show us the various neighborhoods and help us figure out the right one for us. He also eventually helped us purchase our dream home, in what was a very competitive bidding process. He was there for us every step of the way, including after closing when we needed some help with the house because we were back in NYC. He made this process much easier and less stressful and for that we are grateful and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in LA.

Adam provided AMAZING service representing us during our home search and purchase process in Westchester. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area, comps, and the market setting in what became the early stages of the COVID-19 shutdown. Despite the challenges of the Shelter-In-Place order, Adam was extremely proactive and responsive in supporting us through the entire process from home search, to offer/counter negotiations, and all the way through close of escrow and beyond ensuring all aspects of a new home purchase process were completed in a timely and effective manner. This being our first SFH purchase, we couldn't have asked for a better realtor and partner to make us feel cared for and comfortable and we HIGHLY recommend using Adam

Adam and Ali were amazing throughout our home buying experience! When we started working with Adam, we had seen a few houses we liked, but really had no idea what we were doing, and felt in over our heads. Adam was patient and extremely knowledgeable, guiding us every step of the way. He encouraged us to go after a house we loved even though there were already other offers, and was able to work some magic to get our offer accepted!

Throughout escrow, Adam had great recommendations for inspections and helped us feel confident in the house and focus on the issues we should be prioritizing. We were also able to get a great loan through a recommendation from Adam and he saved us a nice chunk of money with some masterful negotiation skills before closing. Even after closing, Adam has remained a text or phone call away, giving us great recommendations and checking in to see how everything's going. I can't recommend Adam and his associate Ali Haigh enough! We would have been completely lost without them.

Purchasing your first home can be an intimidating/overwhelming experience that is hard to know where to begin. So on a whim, I went to an open house and happened to meet Adam. I could not have been happier I did! When it came time to put in an offer, I was obviously nervous, but Adam was so thorough and informative while explaining the process that I really felt comfortable taking the leap. Not only did he make me feel at ease that I was in the driver’s seat, but he worked hard at getting me the best price possible. It was so comforting seeing him go out of his way to negotiate on my behalf, when a lesser agent would have simply tried to convince me to accept a bad deal to move the process along.

I felt at every juncture I was personally important to him, and he was willing to go above and beyond in order to put my interests first. From handling all of the inspections, to continuing the negotiations to the bitter end, he had my back and made me feel like a friend. I could not have been happier with my experience! Even after closing, he has continued to reach out in order help however he can. With Adam, you’re getting a friend not a sales pitch!

We met Adam by chance and he quickly became a trusted realtor and guide as we searched for our first home. Having only been in Los Angeles for a little over a year, we had a lot to learn on the fly when deciding which area and type of home would be right for us. Luckily for us, Adam was dedicated and determined not only to helping us find a home, but giving us the information to allow us to better define what we were looking for in a home.

Adam spent countless hours -- at showings, on the phone, and in meetings over coffee -- educating us on the litany of factors that a homebuyer needs to consider. He showed us neighborhoods all over the city (from Atwater Village to Marina Del Ray) and was genuinely invested in our search. Over the weeks, he made himself available on nights and weekends.

Even since our initial purchase offer, Adam has been instrumental in helping schedule inspections and contractor meetings. His warmth and guidance made what can be a stressful process very memorable and fulfilling. We would highly recommend reaching out to Adam for any and all Los Angeles home searches

We would have been completely lost without Adam. He was so professional, kind, responsive and immediately put us at ease. Thanks to Adam, we found our dream home. We can’t thank him enough and couldn’t recommend him more highly!

My husband and I met Adam out of sheer luck. We responded to a property that we wanted to see on Zillow, and he was the agent who showed it. We wanted to see another property the next day and he called and made it happen. He was amazing from start to finish, down to every detail. Adam is very polished, professional, prompt and knowledgeable and really goes out of his way to make sure his clients are well taken care of.

Adam comes highly recommended for a reason, give him a shot! You'll be glad you did!!

Christine and Rob

Adam was the best agent we could've asked for. Always on it. So helpful. Never had to chase him. He was always providing us with great houses to look at and was quick to find out more for any house we scoped on one of the many mls related sights. He really found us our dream home when we thought for sure we wouldn't be able to find it on the west side. Adam was a masterful negotiator and helped us get the house at the best price possible. He also held our hand so carefully in every step of the way. Even after we bought the house, he continues to help us to make sure the house is being handled in the best way possible. Truly, an amazing agent and I can't recommend him highly enough!