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Below is a list of the architects, interior designers, and vendors that our clients have worked with over the years.


AB Design Studio, Inc.- Jenda Michl

AB design studio transforms ideas and concepts for living and working into buildings, spaces and experiences. We value creativity and a rigorous process of problem solving. Utilizing innovative techniques and thoughtful use of materials we explore the potential of each design in order to translate it into practical, responsible and buildable projects.

R & D Architects – David Reddy AIA

R&D ARCHITECTS are an award-winning collaborative that extends their research and design investigations beyond the limits of conventional boundaries. Operating at a range of scales from personal to urban, their work explores the material, formal, spatial, and cultural contexts implicit within each brief.  The objective is always the construction of projects that are aesthetic and financial successes.

Design By Maureen – Maureen Tepedino

“My passion is transforming my client’s homes/offices to make them warm, cozy, inviting and functional through color and design, furnishings, flooring, window treatment and all of their decorating needs! My Art Studio is at my home in Marina del Rey with at least 50 of my original Abstract Figurative Art Pieces to chose from!  I can also create custom art pieces to complement their existing spaces and color choices.”

Christina Karras Interior Design / Staging – Christina Karras

“With over 15 years of experience as an interior designer and creative director for various staging projects, Southern California-based Christina Karras, has created quite a substantial and distinctively soulful body of work. Her clients live differently – some, defiantly – and she sees every new project as an opportunity to turn the fantastic fiction of their desires into a reality. Her aesthetic is unmistakable, a unique mix of Laurel Canyon bohemian chic with a soulful rock ‘n’ roll edge, that she brings to the spaces she creates and may be seen throughout many Southern California homes, her eponymous boutique, a Costa Rican resort, a bespoke men’s tailoring shop and a top Hollywood recording studio.”

Mehrnoosh Architecture & Urban Design – Mehrnoosh, AIA

“I have had my architectural practice in Venice since the Mid 80’s. My degree in Urban Design from Harvard University reinforced my interest in finding innovative ideas and concepts to incorporate, landscape, art and architecture. I am passionate about designing private and public spaces; enhancing functions and aesthetic of projects that improves public life and brings the community together.”

Carson Architects – Thomas Carson, AIA

“Carson Architects is an award-winning architectural design firm founded by Thomas Carson, AIA, NCARB in 1994. The firm has a wide range of completed projects including commercial and institutional renovations, residential, office interiors, and historical restorations.”

David Hertz Architects – David Hertz, FAIA, LEED AP

“The work of David Hertz Architects Inc., Studio of Environmental Architecture focuses on the design and construction of environmentally responsible residential and commercial buildings, and engages in multiple facets of design, including product design, furniture design, public sculpture, environmental consulting, as well as the research and development of resource-efficient ecologic building products.”

DU Architects – Robert Thibodeau & Yasi Vafai

“Design Universal was established in 1995 to fill a need for affordable, high quality, contemporary architectural and design services. DU is a husband and wife architectural and design team working on both residential and commercial projects. “Our approach has been to balance the pragmatic and the artistic”, says founding principal, Robert Thibodeau.”

Ehrlich Architects – Steven Ehrlich

“Ehrlich Architects, a 30-person firm in LA, is internationally recognized for distinctive design with an approach that extends the traditions of architectural innovation and the fusion of technology with cultural and environmental sensitivity.”

Marmol Radziner – Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner

“Although we are architects first, we believe that our dual capacity as architects and contractors allows us to responsibly design simple buildings more elegantly and complex buildings with more care. Like the California Modernists we admire, we endeavor to design from the big idea down to the smallest detail.”

Equinox Architecture, Inc. – James Gelfat

“Architecture serves as the vehicle of personal expression for both the client and the Architect. It is a constant rediscovery of human qualities translated into three dimensional form and space.”

Gerrit Goss Landscape Architecture and Design – Gerrit Goss

“From his main office in Venice, California, Gerrit works all over the country to create inspiring, usable residential and small scale commercial landscapes that maximize the potential of adjacent outdoor spaces to suit each individual clients’ needs.”

hughesumbanhowar architects – John Umbanhowar

“hughesumbanhowar architects is an architectural firm with studios in South Florida and Los Angeles. We create buildings, objects and projects for discriminating and engaged clients. The work we do is a reflection of our interest in craft, form and building technology in response to the contemporary condition. Guided by curiosity and intelligence, we excel in translating state-of-the-art technology into practical, unique and solution oriented projects to the benefit of clients and the broader community.”

MACK Architects – Mark Mack

“MACK Architect(s) is widely recognized for thoughtful, elegant architecture that emphasizes the integration of built form and the environment. Clarity of form, colorful simplicity, straightforward construction and an appreciation of tradition, climate and materiality give MACK’s architecture a quality of timelessness for which it has been recognized worldwide.”

M Royce Architecture – Matthew Royce

“We believe in architecture as a holistic experience that is a reflection of our clients’ values and goals. Services include predesign/feasibility studies to complete design and permitting packages for high end residential and commercial projects.”

GRAYmatter Architecture – Melinda Gray

“GRAYmatter Architecture is a small design-oriented architecture firm in Santa Monica, CA. Philosophically, we take our cues from nature, composing form, space, light, materials and detail to add depth to the human experience of buildings and the environment. Our design strategy is to think sustainability and always to go toward innovation and invention.”

Studio 654 Architecture. Design. Planning – Elise Gispan

“Studio 654 is a design-oriented architecture firm specializing in custom homes, thoughtfully matching each client’s requirements to their budget.”

REED Architects – John Reed

“Reed Architectural Group is a progressive, award-winning design firm located in Venice, CA. The firm’s design philosophy is to provide the client with a well-resolved, site-oriented project while focusing on quality architecture and client satisfaction.”

Sanders Architects, LLC – Whitney Sander and Catherine Hollis

“Sander Architects is the international award-winning firm whose approach to contemporary residential design has been making waves in the architecture world. Their Hybrid House uses components of prefab technology to create homes that are custom designed for each client. Homes that are not only green but also very high design. This is a time of extraordinary change for practitioners in the design fields and Sander Architects is a young exciting firm determined to be at the forefront of green architecture.”

Sant Architects – Michael Sant

Twitchell Studio Architects – Dane Twichell

“The architects of Twichell Studio are experienced, talented and have multifaceted backgrounds, incorporating art, illustration, and interior design. This provides a fertile environment for creative ideas and a well-rounded approach to the challenge of any architectural project – to bring inspiration and elegance to the pragmatics of building design.”

William Adams Architects – Bill Adams

“William Adams Architects is an award-winning full-service architectural firm with an intense focus on design exploration and execution. The office works to provide inspirational, thoughtful, and functional spaces in every project, fulfilled only through a diligent effort in detailing and construction. Our work has ranged from warehouse to playhouse, with offices, retail, multiple, and single-family housing in-between.”

CZA – Carlos Zubieta

“Carlos Zubieta, has been living and practicing architecture for the past 19 years in Venice California. He has worked with world-renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta and local sculptor Robert Graham. This rich professional experience has exposed him to a wide range of design and scale of projects including many custom single family residences as well as civic installations such as the Duke Ellington Memorial in New York and the F.D.R. memorial in Washington DC.”

Hammerschmidt Landscape Design

The overarching theme of their design approach with clients is harmony. In success, a completed project integrates elements of site usage, aesthetics and personality to deliver a space reflective of a client’s needs and values.

Malibu Estate Concierge – Jan Michael Wilson

Malibu Estate Concierge is an estate property management company delivering extraordinary service to southern California clients for over 10 years.