Video: What is the Life Change Warriors Foundation? Tami Talks Giving Back

It has been just over a year since we officially launched our foundation – Life Change Warriors. Tami Pardee, our CEO and founder, had a vision of changing lives; so, with her ideas and passion, she created the roadmap for our very own nonprofit foundation.

We piloted the program in June 2017 by partnering with Harvest Home, a local non-profit for servicing pregnant, homeless women, and found such great success from our graduates. We then turned our program towards a group of at-risk youth from the non-profit Venice Arts in February. Then we returned back to Harvest Home for a new set of participants in May of this year. The positive feedback we received and the impact on the graduates we observed was inspiring.

We are so proud of the incredible work that has already been done this year and look forward to the continued impact we hope to make in the future. For more information, check out

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