The Real Estate Industry Is Broken and Pardee Is Setting a New Standard

The traditional suit and tie, wheelin’-n-dealin’ tactics just don’t mesh with the Pardee way. We see the wild west style of the real estate industry as broken and 15 years ago we aimed to break the status quo by putting the needs and service of our clients above everything else. We want to give you an inside look into the unique way we do things — a business model we’re very passionate about.

Traditional Brokerage ModelPardee Properties Brokerage
Traditional brokerages want as many agents as possible on the roster — some will make money.We have significantly less, but highly-skilled agents with deep experience to ensure you are best served.
Management team is comprised of agents (also competing).Our non-competing management team provides guidance and support.
The agent is responsible for every aspect of the business.We have separate support teams, such as marketing, compliance, signage, and more.


One real estate agent cannot do it all successfully. Real estate brokers are in the business of collecting agents, not selling houses.


By redefining the traditional model, we have specialized departments ready to give our clients unparalleled expertise and a positive experience in selling their home.

Our brokerage has been created in the model of many service-oriented businesses:

  • Small, client-facing teams to ensure best-in-class service
  • Available 7-days a week with a fully staffed team
  • Agents fully supported by internal departments
  • Separation of Seller and Buyer agents — always with the client’s best interest in mind!

These ideas ensure a high-touch, 5-star level of service for each and every person we meet. We’re in the business of building lasting relationships that are supportive and rewarding.

Our agents concentrate on guiding clients through a process that can be highly stressful and highly emotional. We guarantee clear, detailed communication.

The proof is in the pudding with our model in that we have a 30%+ return rate from past clients and a 27%+ for referrals — both of these figures are well over double industry averages. This is what helps us know we’re on the right path and we believe this is because we help guide our clients every step of the way!