The Biggest Little Pardee Fan — Cruising Around Venice on a Linus

All of us on the Halton Pardee team love to celebrate our neighbors and their creativity. They inspire us and fuel our true sense of community when they share their work with us.

Last week, we received a great video from one of our Santa Monica neighbors that went viral in our office:

“Hi! We love your sunglasses and wear them all the time-including in our YouTube videos! Thought you guys might like this one. Thanks for being the coolest real estate company around for having the best glasses!”

Not only is this video hilarious and cute, her entire YouTube channel is an absolute gem! We were so excited to discover this internet sensation was from our own neighborhood, we had to reward Evelyn and her family’s creativity.

Calling on our partners at Linus Bikes in Venice, we picked out a perfect kid-size bike for our favorite little star and coordinated a time to drop off the “token of our appreciation”.

When we got to the house, Evelyn was outside waiting eagerly to meet us! First, we gave her a new pair of red sunglasses to add to her collection and then made her close her eyes for the big reveal. Evelyn and her family were ecstatic to see her brand new Linus bike waiting for her first ride! With her new shades on, she jumped right on and started riding up and down the block. It warmed our heart to meet this lovely family and be able to bring a bit of joy to such a wonderful little girl.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Raine
Photo courtesy of Taylor Raine
Photo courtesy of Taylor Raine

A few days following the delivery, we received another email. Evelyn created another awesome video where she had graduated from “driving” the car around town to riding her bike throughout Los Angeles. We loved guessing where Evelyn would end up next and appreciate them sharing yet another fun and creative video.

The Halton Pardee team is so fortunate to have such entertaining and imaginative clients and neighbors. A big thank you to Evelyn and her family for brightening our lives and wishing them all peace + big love!