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We’re excited to share our Founder + CEO, Tami Halton Pardee’s latest news in the Los Angeles Times, Real Trends/The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, and more. In these publications, Tami shares some industry insights, gives advice on how to give back, and comes in as #3 on the list of LA Residential Real Estate Agents by sales volume! Whether she’s talking business or philanthropy, it all starts with love + light. Pardee On!

What happens when the owner wants to stay, or the buyer wants the house and the car, but the seller counters with the cat? Real estate agents have seen it all.

Leaf it alone

Tami Pardee, Halton Pardee + Partners: I think the most unique request I have heard is when a seller had planted an oak tree in her backyard as a child. The tree was incredibly important to her, so in order to purchase the house, the buyer had to agree to keep the tree.

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Tami is ranked #3 by sales volume in Los Angeles Business Journal! See the full list HERE

Pardee specializes in Venice, Mar Vista… “Because we do right by our clients, we’ve organically grown our market share, currently at 22%,” she says.
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The Community Warrior:

Many people recognize Tami Halton Pardee for her high-achieving team based in California. After all, they were ranked No. 3 teams by sales volume and No. 175 teams by transaction number in the 2018 REAL Trends The Thousand. What you may not know is how involved she is in changing the lives of others…
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Imagine receiving a devastating multiple sclerosis diagnosis just as your adult life is starting to take shape. What would you do — fall into a pit of despair, or or figure out how you’re going to make the best of a bad situation?

That was the stark reality facing REALTOR Tami Halton Pardee 17 years ago, just as she was entering her 30s. She opted to make the best of it; the uncertainty associated with MS jolted her into reassessing what she truly wanted in life.

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