Tami’s at the Top — THR Features Halton Pardee

Once again, our founding partner + CEO Tami Halton Pardee made the list of Hollywood’s Top 30 Real Estate Agents. It is an incredible honor to be working alongside her everyday, sharing her passion of transforming lives for the better.

The Hollywood Reporter — Article

Tami Pardee Team

Her daughter scoffs whenever anyone calls Pardee the “Queen of Venice,” but with $629 million in sales last year, that crown belongs to this mother of four, who has built her empire with increasing focus since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005. Citing a 17 percent jump in business this year for her team (all listings are shared), Pardee sees no signs of Venice softening. “We’ve noticed even more of an overlap in tech and entertainment, with actors getting involved in technology and tech companies hiring entertainment execs.” Team Pardee is helping former Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels unload her PCH house for $8.75 million and writer-director Jerry Zucker sell his Mandeville Canyon estate for $15.5 million…

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For The Love Of Money — Podcast

Episode 48: The Importance of Serving Others and Customer Relationships with LA’s Number 1 Real Estate Agent Tami Pardee By Chris Harder

Today’s episode is a modern-day Cinderella story…except there’s no fairy godmother or prince in it. Real-estate rock star, Tami Pardee, learned to work hard at a young age and she’s been working ever since. Having been raised poor and later brought into wealth, she was taught early on the value of money and the importance of hard work and getting things done.

This minivan-driving mom of four uses this same work ethic and drive to dominate L.A.’s residential real estate market today. Listen in to find out how she balances this massively successful business with a family and why she feels called to give back by helping others find or reignite their purpose.

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A Top Real Estate Broker on Why She Needs 20 Minutes for Herself Every Day

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Dream Homes Are ‘Good for the Soul, Not Necessarily the Wallet’

Purchasing a chateau in the French countryside, an oceanfront mansion in Malibu or a villa on a Tuscan vineyard often means realizing a lifelong dream for ultra-high-net -worth individuals.

But once they’ve closed the deal and moved onsite, many are surprised by the hidden or unforeseen costs that pile up as they’re tasked with renovating, maintaining and staffing the property, experts say.

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