Sacred Space — How to Service, Care for, and Maintain your Home

Installing an air filter

Sacred Space with Paige

We are all about self-care, cleansing, and healthy habits – but have you thought about how those apply to your most sacred space…your home? 

Your home needs to be serviced and cared for to maintain its’ super-healthy condition. Here are 5 ways to service your sacred space annually and ensure your home is always in tip-top shape!

  1. Hydro jet your sewers 

    Between root intrusion and years of build-up, your sewer pipes need to be cleaned to keep them happy and healthy. For $400-$600 you can get your pipes hydro jetted by a plumbing company. It is recommended to do the hydro jet service once a year to keep your sewer lines and pipes healthy.


  2. Service your HVAC 

    Nothing is worse than turning on your AC on a hot LA day to find out your HVAC system is broken. Periodically service your HVAC to ensure it will work every time you turn it on. You’ll thank yourself on those unbearably hot days!


  3. Check for termites 

    These creepy crawlers are scary to us but even scarier to your home. Termites, common in our oceanic climate, will feast on the wood of your house if you let them. Check for termites and call a termite removal specialist to inspect and remove them if signs of termites are discovered.


  4. Inspect your roof 

    Did you know your roof has a life expectancy of 15-30 years? Roofs need to be regularly checked, maintained, and replaced if needed. Occasional roof inspections will avoid the need for worrying about leaks the next time there is a major rain storm.


  5. Investigate for mold

    Another dangerous and common problem to look out for is mold. Frequent in damp and oceanic environments, mold growth is fast and furious! A simple test for mold can protect your health and that of your loved ones and keep the peace in your sacred space 🙂