People Are Talking About… Playa Vista

At Halton Pardee and Partners, you could say, we’re crazy in love with the Westside of LA.

Sure, we work here — but we live here too, and what we love most is how each neighborhood is so unique. It’s what makes shopping and selling the Westside so much fun — there is literally a community suited for everyone.

Some buyers need to be close to the beach, others crave a feeling of suburbia but with all the conveniences nearby. Others want walkability — especially if they’ve relocated from cities like New York, Chicago, or Austin where they might have enjoyed bodegas, coffee shops, and fantastic restaurants right outside their front door. It’s the latter that seems to be driving the current buzz about Playa Vista.

For some, Playa Vista is an undiscovered neighborhood that is passed on the way to LAX or, heading the other direction, to Malibu. If you fall into this camp, you’re really missing out. We can’t encourage you enough, the next time you’re driving by, to do a quick detour and discover what places this community at the top of home buyer’s must-see list has to offer.

Here are the top things you need to know about Playa Vista.

1. New, luxury construction

If you’re searching for a newly constructed luxury home with views, space and convenience – this is the area for you. A multitude of options exist – offering different styles of architecture, luxury features, yard space and indoor/outdoor living.

Our favorite right now? ICON at Playa Vista – the neighborhood’s original luxury single family home development. It feels sophisticated and urban and surrounds beautiful ICON park.

Explore our premiere listing, part of the ICON residences here.

2. Amenities, amenities, amenities

Imagine a lifestyle where everything you could possibly want – a fitness center, spa, chic dining, weekly farmers market, premiere grocery store is all within walking distance? Sounds great to us.

What impresses many is The Resort – Playa Vista’s resident activity club – a 25,000 glass and steel structure with pools, outdoor areas, fitness classes and event spaces. And don’t forget about The CenterPointe Club – a wonderful way to spend the afternoon due to its fitness center, screening room, lounge areas and business center.

3. 29 parks mean 29 good reasons to get outside

It’s hard to imagine… twenty nine green spaces… a total of forty seven acres. In LA? It’s true! Especially in an era when we are spending more time than ever at or near home — this means daily walks with kids or dogs will have lots of variety and excitement.

Playa Vista: 2-TO 5-MINUTE WALK to a Park from Every Home
Map image courtesy of

4. Enviable location

Playa Vista offers a great community that is just minutes away from key destinations in Venice, Marina del Rey and Playa del Rey. Only 1.5 miles to the beach and ten minutes from LAX!

5. A friendly commute for tech giants

They don’t call Playa Vista “Silicon Beach” for just any reason. The Campus here hosts many tech and media giants such as YouTube/Google, Yahoo, Samsung and Fox, to name a few. For many residences — walking to work is the ultimate LA luxury.

6. Delectable dining

From Starbucks to Whole Foods, Hopdaddy Burger Bar to Urban Plates, Coffee Bean to Sweet Fish Sushi — your tastebuds will be entertained with the myriad of restaurants throughout Playa Vista.

7. Green is good

Sustainability is important to many. Here, you can rest easy knowing that your community is eco-friendly. Recognized for stormwater management, Freshwater Marsh, eco-friendly construction materials, and an energy efficient lifestyle that doesn’t require a car — Playa Vista is in a league of its own in LA.

Discover more about Playa Vista on our community page here.