Pardee Properties is Ranked #1 Team in LA — Here’s Why That Matters

How many agents, teams, and brokerages proclaim to be #1? A surprising amount! But, how could that be? After all, there’s only one number one. Let’s dive into the details of what we really mean when we say ‘Pardee Properties is the #1 Team in LA’ and how it affects you.

How does Pardee rank overall?

For the last 5+ years, Pardee Properties has been featured in the annual list The Thousand by Real Trends, which ranks the top 500 teams and 500 agents in the country. 

In their 2021 issue, our team was the highest ranked Los Angeles-based ‘Mega Team’ — (classified by teams with 21+ sales professionals)(1) by transactions

By overall sales volume, we came in at #22 in the USA — 3rd based in California, 2nd based in Los Angeles, among the Mega Teams (2).

We’ve grown 10x in the last 10 years, selling over $860 million in 2021 on 450 transactions. And that experience is highly concentrated in the West Los Angeles area, not spread out across the country or across the state.

How much sales volume does Pardee actually do? 

We are a boutique brokerage that rivals corporate giants. Selling homes is what we do. And we do a lot.

In 2021, we sold 451 homes — helped homeowners sell 213 homes and represented buyers on 238 properties — and did over $866 million in total sales volume, all whilst ensuring our clients love where they live. The past year saw a 51% increase from the previous year. The market is hot, people want to move and we’re hustling to make it happen. 

Here’s the kicker:

Over 85% of the homes we sold were on the Westside of LA, of which 75% were in either Venice, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Culver City or Marina del Rey. These areas are where we hold our attention, passion, and expertise.

We’ve sold over 3,300 properties, totaling $5.8+ Billion to date. 

Pardee Properties has the highest dollar volume per producing agent on the Westside at over $30m average sales volume per agent.

The key differentiators of the Pardee model

More than 17 years ago our founder, Tami Pardee, aimed to break the status quo by putting the needs and service of clients above everything else. We have a unique way we do things. Here are some comparisons:

Traditional Brokerage ModelPardee Way
Traditional brokerages want as many agents as possible on the roster, paying fees to the brokerage — some of those agents will make money.We have significantly less, but highly-skilled agents with much experience to ensure you are best served.
Agents, who may have never met, compete against each other in the same markets. We work with each other, as a team, toward common goals. Our goal is to successfully handle your real estate needs.
Management team is composed of agents (also competing).Our non-competing, yet fully-licensed, management team provides guidance and support to the team with over 37 years of experience collectively.
The agent is responsible for every aspect of the business, not just selling.We have separate support teams, such as marketing, operations, compliance, allowing our agents to focus on selling.
Often spread out Nationwide to optimize for volumeWe have two local offices in West LA - Venice and Mar Vista/Culver City - to serve our local community.

In short, our brokerage has been created in the model of many service-oriented businesses:

  • Small, client-facing teams to ensure best-in-class service
  • Available 7-days a week with a fully staffed team
  • Agents fully supported by internal departments

Although we are organized in what may seem like a rigid corporate structure, it’s only to keep us organized and keyed in on the common goal. The difference between a boutique and a behemoth brokerage is size. Our team is small enough to be nimble as unique situations arise. Rest assured, you won’t have to cut through any red tape to request service from our team. 

Did you have to leave in a rush before an open house? We’ll make sure the home is tidy and ‘show-ready’. Need a pipe snaked? We’ll book it for you.. Need help navigating the permit process? We know who to call. 

Whenever it happens, we have someone available to solve it; however, the goal of our team is to anticipate needs before they arise, whenever possible.

What are the benefits of working with a locally-based brokerage like Pardee?

Real estate is a hyper-local business. To have the most rewarding experience (both emotionally and financially), it requires a seasoned expert in not just how to get a basic deal done but how to get it done optimally, in a specific area. 

Who you partner with in real estate should know details like:

  • How the local market is doing and how that affects strategy when buying or selling a home.
  • Who the buyers are and what they are looking for.
  • Who other local agents are and their inventory.
  • What the local regulations stipulate.
  • And maybe even where to get the most delicious hamburger nearby.

Our team lives in the area and loves it — including Tami, our founder/CEO (you might just see her on her daily morning walk to Venice Beach). They know your neighbors, they know the school districts, they know the parking rules. 

The service our team provides goes a level way above a transactional relationship. 

We know what buyers in our core areas are looking for and, when we list homes, we know how they should be prepped to cater to local buyers. Our team represents a significant amount of local buyers who are actively looking as well.

Our network of other real estate professionals is local. We are connected to and friendly with them. After so many transactions on the Westside, we know exactly who does the best work, for whatever is needed. 

Why are #1 rankings important to you as a client?

Not all rankings are created equal.

McDonalds is the #1 food chain in the US with its many franchise locations. But if we’re in an amazing neighborhood, we’d rather eat at the restaurant ranked #1 for service and taste, catered to locals and owned by locals. When comparing businesses that are both ranked #1, which do you choose?

When it comes to the amount of transactions a team has done, this is important. Transactions completed is a measure of how much experience a team has overall. Our #1 team in LA by transactions ranking means we’ve collectively closed on the most homes, we’ve encountered the most different scenarios in the process, we’ve worked with the most people. We’ve seen it all, so you can’t surprise us.

Dollar volume per producing agent is where local knowledge meets real estate experience, not just on a team level, but on an individual agent level. Our average agent’s volume is far above the average agent of larger, more well-known brokerages.

What rankings shouldn’t matter to you as a client?

National numbers don’t equal local knowledge. Agents selling homes in Atlanta or NYC have little to no impact on those who sell here locally. Vastly different markets all come together to make up a #1 ranking for a national brokerage. 

Regardless of brokerage affiliation, all listings on the market are posted to the MLS and syndicated out to the large home search portals such as Zillow and This is an important aspect because, according to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process.

Speaking of Zillow, Pardee Properties has been a long time Zillow Premier Agent, partnering with Zillow to handle home buyers and sellers throughout West Los Angeles. Pardee is also rated as Best of Zillow, meaning we outperform 97% of other Premier Agents. We have over 1,900 5-star reviews on Zillow, speaking to how well our specific team handles your real estate transaction. Additionally, our team has access to Zillow’s vast network of other Premier Agents, which allows us to find great referrals for any clients making moves out of the area — regardless of broker affiliation! We’ll find you the right agents nationwide without being restricted to only agents within a single brokerage

The conclusion

When researching different brokerages, agents, teams, and brands, it can get confusing. Who is the best? Why are they the best? Which is the right fit for me and my situation? All of those questions can only be answered by you and yours. These are only things to consider when comparing. 

To recap / TL;DR:

  • Many agents and brokerages can say they rank #1 in some way.
  • National rankings don’t equal local knowledge.
  • High transaction volume = high level of experience. 
  • Real estate is a local business.
  • All agents have access to the MLS which syndicates to Zillow & other online portals.

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