Pardee in The Community: 1967 Supply - Venice Beach

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335 Washington Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
United States

Longtime Venice neighbors and friends Suzanne Rijneveld and Sue Kohan had a dream to create a “community space” where Washington Blvd and Venice Beach meet. With the help of friends, neighbors, and fellow creatives they were able to turn the 80’s tear-down space into the bright and vibey boutique that 1967 Supply is today. Opened in early 2022, Suzanne and Sue just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of their shop.


How was 1967 Supply started?:

We were walking in the canals during covid and we were saying we should open a little Boutique. Then all of a sudden one day this spot opened and we literally live around the corner so it really was organic in the sense that we just decided oh well let’s do it. I was looking for an office space for my clothing line and this kind of just manifested itself. The spot opened and we decided we'd take it. We opened a year ago last week and then we just decided we would start trying to curate it in a sense that was more conscious and not just very showroom driven so we reached out to a lot of people that we know that make cool things and we started filling the store with sustainable conscious minded products.


We were both born in 1967 so that's where the name comes from. Our idea is to launch a clothing line under 1967 Supply so we created the brand with the mindset that it's a corner store in the sense that we have a real kind of community mindset that people can come in, you don't have to shop but just come in to say hi.


Tell us about the space you have built:

Pretty much all our customers feel it when people come in, they always say this store has such positive energy. It's more than just a store, it's an experience. The space itself looked like it was from the 80s so we really had to put a lot of love into it to create what we have now. We had a lot of support, we got all of the custom cabinetry here from a man that we hired for his great cabinetry work and he really infused his skill and love into it. We had amazing people even donate their time into removing tiles and ceilings. My sister has done the branding so we've had a lot of people really step up to support us


Tell us about the boutique you have curated:

It feels like a very heart-centered space and everything we choose, all of our products are stuff that we actually love and it's very carefully curated. We don't just order from a showroom, we really love our products and I think that's what really shows. We love being here ourselves, we spend a lot of time here, so come in and say hi.


What is the idea and goal of 1967 Supply?

We have a real passion for the 60s and 70s, obviously we were born in the 60s, but really the culture of the 60s and 70s. We think that's when some of the best products were made, so we really wanted to bring back that vintage feeling but also infuse the quality of the makers back then and really source heartfelt and soulful brands that we feel like we want to give a platform to.


What is the future of 1967 Supply:

We're going to be launching our own brand 1967 Supply so keep an eye out for that. We just look forward to 2023, it's our second year in business and we're ready to fly! We will also be hosting our community events, we want this to be an experience and we will have every month some sort of event from tarot card reading to jewelry pop-ups, all from local vendors.