Our Poem Contest to Benefit Schools Was a Hit!

With it being the season for back to school, the Halton Pardee family is in the spirit with big school love by giving back! We love spreading joy to our community schools while also empowering and inspiring youth. And this Father’s day, we did just that!

We sent out postcards to our neighbors this past June with a poem on the front that Tami Pardee and her father used to recite together when she was a child and still to this day. However, in true Tami form, the “he” in the poem was changed to “she”.

On the backside of the postcard, we outline the contest. It was simple — for kids to memorize the poem for a chance to win $250 for their school. We were so impressed with all the students who came in and nailed it! Check out our montage video below as well as all the benefiting schools.

Benefiting Schools:

  • Richland Ave Elementary
  • Short Ave Elementary
  • Farragut Elementary
  • Mark School
  • Grant Elementary