Nonprofits to know — Rise Together

This LA-based organization is focused on getting out the vote and making voices heard.

In their own words…

Rise Together is a 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to re-engaging everyday Angelenos to believe that their choices matter – and to drive them to select leadership focused on change and common ground.

First, we’re here to build awareness and education among everyday Angelenos around the 2022 elections—based in fact and building on common ground. Too often, people wait til the last minute to pay attention, or they rely on candidates, who manipulate slogans and take facts out of context. We are working, now, to engage voters.

Second, we are assembling the single largest grassroots coalition of everyday Angelenos from all walks of life into a single movement focused on change in this city. And as we build that movement, we are directing it to action: rallies, forums, and public pressure to focus on what the public wants to say, not what politicians want us to hear. As we get closer to the election, we’ll have transparent endorsements, pledges, and more.

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In 2022

Citywide elections will align with federal off-cycle elections, instead of being held during an off year, allowing Angelenos to cast their ballots for Senator, Governor, and the House of Representatives all at once. The idea is that — compared to midterms, many more voters will turnout as they historically do during major elections.

On politics

Rise Together says “There are and will be candidates aligned with our philosophy of change and honesty. After the candidates in each race are clear in December of 2021, we will have a transparent and public endorsement process. But our primary focus will always be educating the public so that they can make informed decisions and have clear, open conversations on the issues that most affect them. Our job is to amplify the voices of the public, not to speak for them.”

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