Local Spotlight: Santa Monica Aquarium

At the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, come see what Heal the Bay’s work is all about: Protecting the animals that call the Bay home. With over 100 local species on exhibit, hands-on activities for small frys, and daily educational programs, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is the perfect place to immerse yourself in marine science without getting your feet wet.

There are many events that take place at the aquarium that are fun for the whole family! Check out some of the highlights below:

  • Shark Sunday – Feast on a little knowledge while their swell and horn sharks chow down. Every Sunday from 3:30pm-4:00pm
  • Sand Crab Science – Get your feet wet and count sand crabs every Wednesday at Sand Crab Science from 3-4PM. They will be collecting data on sand crab quantities and sizes on the beach using scientific procedures and equipment. Every Wednesday from 3:00pm-4:00pm
  • Wednesday Warriors Office Support – Join the Wednesday Warriors office support crew! Office Support volunteers assist Heal the Bay staff with special projects, mailings, data entry and general clerical duties. Every Wednesday from 1:30pm-5:00pm
  • Sea Star Feeding – Lend a hand as staff feed the sea stars. Every Friday from 2:30pm-3:00pm
  • Story Time – Kids love our ocean-themed stories, read by a staff member. Followed by a live animal presentation. Every Saturday from 2:00pm-2:30pm

There are many different exhibits to see while visiting the aquarium. Below is a list of what is currently being showcased:

  • Red Octopus – Even though it’s small in size, this animal is super smart and can blend in very well to their surroundings.
  • Seahorses – Swimming gracefully through the water column, pectoral fins fluttering, are the Pacific seahorses.
  • Touch Tanks – L.A.’s most colorful stars hang out here, along with hermit crabs, sea urchins, and cucumbers not meant for your salad
  • Rocky Reef – Celebrate the subtidal zone with mesmerizing moray eels and the cuddly-looking sea hare.
  • Kelp Forest – Kelp can grow up to 2 feet per day and provide vital habitat for our kelpfish, rockfish, and wolf eel.
  • Tidal Surge – Juvenile fish, anemones, and more live life in the splash lane as a simulated tide rises and falls every 5 minutes.
  • Dorothy Green Room – Embark on water’s journey through L.A.’s urban landscape to the shore in this interactive exhibit.
  • Sea Jellies – Meditation time. Watch our moon jellies drift and float takes the sting out of a hectic day.
  • Under the Pier – Get a glimpse of life beneath the Santa Monica Pier. Be sure to double-check the sand: Some of our halibut and rays like to lay low.
  • Sharks – Catch our horn and swell sharks cuddling in this open-top exhibit and let us explain why you have nothing to fear.
  • Catch of the Day – A rotating cast of the noteworthy critters our dive team finds on their weekly specimen-collecting expeditions.
  • Kids Corner – Six pint-sized tanks house a variety of animals like newborn sharks, tiny tube anemones, and – is it a fish or a rock band?

Individuals and groups of 9 or less
Adults and kids 13+: $5 per person
Kids 12 and under: FREE
Groups of 10 or more: $3 per person, regardless of age

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
1600 Ocean Front Walk
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Website: healthebay.org/aquarium