L.A.’s Best Playgrounds, According to L.A. Kids

Want to know about some of L.A.’s most awesome playgrounds? Ask the connoisseurs.

Griffith Park Recreation Center

“There are zip lines that go really fast, and there’s this bridge you can go through that’s made of rope. And there’s monkey bars, and there are two slides you can race down. There are also these spinny things you can spin on.” – Lauryn T., age 7 (3401 Riverside Dr., Griffith Park)

Tongva Park

“They’ve got a big slide that’s so big—it’s a bumpy wumpy lumpy bumpy bumpy bumpy slide. And a big, round play set. And big circle things. And a big thing where you can look down and see the cars.”- Levi T., age 4 (1615 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica)

Polliwog Park

“I like the swings and the slides and feeding ducks and fish in the water. I watched Moana there! There is a bridge I like, too. That’s all.” – Clara W., age 5 (1601 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach)

Reese’s Retreat

“The pirate park! I love to ride the rainbow seahorse and ride the boat because it goes rocking back and forth. What else do I do? I love to play in the sand, but I don’t know why. Well, there’s wet water in it. And I get to build castles and houses. Am I done?” – Emma Z., age 3 (360 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena)

Vincent Lugo Park (Dinosaur Park)

“I have a lot of fun memories there, like my eighth birthday, which was really fun because there was no one there. The dinosaurs are cool—you can play hide-and-seek or tag and climb on them. One of the best slides is the snail because you can go really fast. The baseball field is never packed, and there’s a huge field where you can play soccer, football, whatever.” – Jones G., age 11 (S. Ramona St. & Wells St., San Gabriel)

Source: Los Angeles Magazine