Grateful to be #56 Woman-Owned Business in LA

We are so grateful to be ranked the #56 largest woman-owned business in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Business Journal. We couldn’t have done it without our clients and we appreciate you!

To my beautiful community,

Every year, as Thanksgiving approaches, I pause and reflect on what I am grateful for. Year after year, my work and connection to this community provide a wellspring of joy. Thank you, all of you, for allowing me to be a part of your lives.

I am grateful to have worked with you, to know you, and to be a part of this community. I am incredibly thankful as I revisit what it took for me to be here today. I left my small town in Oregon to come to Los Angeles, wide-eyed and big-hearted to work as a production intern, copying scripts and cleaning houses on the side to make ends meet. I rented a small room for $400 a month; it was simple and incubated my dreams. I worked at Paramount, Fox, and NBC in publicity coordinating live TV shows, which led me to become Sharon Stone’s assistant. I really thought I had made it at the ripe age of 25. Eventually, using what I’d learned from my mom and dad – they were both builders in Oregon, and I grew up on construction sites – I ended up helping Sharon remodel her home. It was both challenging and creative and later featured in Architectural Digest. It was then that I realized I was meant to help people with their homes. In order to best prepare me for a life in real estate, I went and earned my MBA to gain the necessary skills and experience to do it “my way.”

While earning my MBA, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and realized how life can change in a moment. This drove me to do more of what I loved. I started my family, had 4 kids, and continued my journey. I created Pardee Properties, which I call my work family, and have enjoyed every moment of being with them and this community. With all of this said, none of it would be possible without you. I want to thank you all for allowing me to thrive as a woman-owned business. Pardee Properties was recently named the 56th Top Woman-Owned Business in Los Angeles. I never thought we would become one of the largest in Los Angeles, as I am simply following my heart and doing what I feel I was meant to do.

Profit without purpose is not in our wheelhouse, and thus, giving back has always been a major focus of mine. I’ve always wanted my actions to express my priorities, and community is my priority. We know that schools and local charities are the backbone of the communities we work in, and have donated over $1.5 million dollars to support their causes and will continue to do so. On a personal note, I turned 50 this year! I had so many ups and downs and all-arounds throughout the years. My own little community has also grown as well; now engaged to the love of my life and blending our beautiful families to include 6 kids now. It feels like the world keeps unfolding for me and for all of us really.

With all of my heart, I thank you for being on the ride of my life with me, for supporting me as a Woman Owned business, and for the honor of trusting me and my work family with your home.

In gratitude,

Tami Pardee

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from our hearts to yours!