How to Infuse Your Home With Good Vibes and Why It’s Important

When a home is for sale, there is a lot of foot traffic running through the house. Between the home owners, real estate agents, and a slew of potential buyers, the property absorbs everyone’s different energies. Once you get the keys to your new home (yay you!) that means it’s officially yours and you definitely don’t want all those energies taking residence.

That’s where home healings come in, which are energetic cleansings for your home. You can have an expert come in and do this for you. This is a special added service we offer our clients here at Halton Pardee because we want to ensure that they step inside their new home and feel only good vibes.

Want to learn more about home energy clearings? Below, our go-to home healer Kimber Tiernan shares the scoop.

First things first, what is a home healing?

 Most people know to clean the physical space of a home before they move in but don’t often think to clean up the home’s energy too. “Walls are like sponges that hold onto energy,” Tiernan says which explains why you can feel a certain way as soon as you walk into a room. “Repetitive behavior and continuous actions get deeply imprinted in the space as do traumas such as sudden deaths or divorces. It is important to clear the energies of the previous inhabitants and any old energies or spirits the house is holding onto so you can move into a positive space and have a complete fresh start.”

What does the home healing process look like?

The first thing Tiernan does when doing a home healing is tune into the energy of the space. She describes seeing the home’s energy as “stories of the home that play in my head like movies.” Then she dives into the Akashic Records of the home, which she explains are “a dimension of consciousness that holds everything that has happened, is happening, and possibly could happen.”

In the Akashic Records, she asks what energies need to be removed from the home and which ones need to be brought in. For example, she says, a house may need to be cleared of fear, divorce, lack, arguing, or grief and may need more love, joy, light, grace, and music.

To release the negative energies, Tiernan uses sage, palo santo, drums, and focused thoughts. “Specific words have frequencies so I imagine the ‘negative’ words falling off of the walls and releasing to the light,” she says. She also places pink himalyan salt and black obsidian crystals around the perimeter of the property for protection. 

Once the negative vibes are cleared, it’s time to bring in the positive energy. For this, she uses rose quartz and selenite crystals as well as holy rose water, crystal singing bowls, mantras, music, dance, and positive words.

She may also call on different archetypes for assistance such as Archangel Michael, Ganesha, Mother Mary, or St. Germaine. “You don’t need to believe in these archetypes for them to work as I see them as holding the blueprint and frequencies of certain energies,” she says.

How can you perform your own home energy healing?

Once your home has had a deep home healing done by a pro, Tiernan recommends doing your own energy clearing rituals weekly. Do this by opening up all the doors and windows and lighting sage or palo santo and going through the home counter clockwise starting from the front door while imagining Archangel Michael’s large wings moving the energy out. Then repeat the same process clockwise to bring in the good energy.

Tiernan also suggests saying a mantra such as “may this house be blessed” and using herbs and rose water spray to infuse the home with high-vibe energy. “Remember that thoughts are things and words create worlds, so be mindful of the energy you are putting in your home,” she says. “And most of all, it’s all about intention, intention, intention. With your imagination, surround it with light. Be creative and have fun creating a relationship with your home. Put on music, dance, sing, and talk to her. Ask her what she needs.”