Halton Pardee + Partners is now Pardee Properties

To our friends and neighbors,

I want to invite you into the evolution of our rebranding efforts. As we welcome in Spring, we are getting ready to birth a new name with significant history. Inspired by the imagery and color of the Southern California sunsets, we are letting go of Halton Pardee + Partners after 5 years and welcoming back Pardee Properties – the name we started with 15 years ago. Spring is a time of rebirth and we are so excited to be sharing this news with you as it blossoms.

Everything about our brand redesign is intended to break the mold, from the warm and inviting colors to our soulful and inspiring words, we are embracing our ethos in everything we do. We want you to star in the life you love, and we are ready, capable, and eager to make that happen today.

You’ll see our stylish new branding across Venice, Santa Monica and beyond in front of all our real estate properties. Follow the signs to find your new dream home.

This past year we’ve helped over 330 homeowners actualize their dreams and step into their best lives. We’ve transformed dreams into reality ensuring our clients love where they live every step along the way. We are grateful for your trust and confidence in our industry-leading expertise. Pardee Properties prides itself on a seamless experience, and we aren’t afraid to have fun along the way.

And of course, if youre walking down Abbot Kinney Blvd, be sure to stop by our office at the corner of Rialto and say hello.

As a valued client, we’re thrilled for you to experience the new Pardee Properties brand. We are always here to help with all of your real estate needs. Your partnership, your trust, and your loyalty continually motivate us to be the best.

Do you love where you live? ♥

XO Tami
Office: 310.907.6517