Chatting About Snap — The Media Asks For Tami’s Expert Opinion

With all the buzz about the Initial Public Offering of Snap, Inc. — our neighbors in Venice, people want to know how the Westside real estate market could be affected. Below are some of the highlights from the stories featuring Tami’s contributions.

Tami Pardee, principal broker for Halton Pardee + Partners — a leading Westside real estate firm whose signs are ubiquitous throughout Venice — estimates that more than half of her customers either directly or indirectly make a living in the area’s burgeoning tech industry, especially buyers under 40 years old. “We’ve changed how we market properties to make sure all our listings our seen by the tech world,” Pardee said. “They’re smart buyers. They want a lot of information on what they’re buying.”

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Pardee said some snap employees are already looking for homes, though they won’t be able to cash in on their shares for five months under terms of the offering.

One way to get the attention of these buyers is to throw a good party. Pardee and her team hosted a “Casino Royale”-themed soiree on Feb. 28 — just a few days before the Snap IPO — at a home her firm has listed for $5 million. Many of the 300 attendees at the party, which featured a DJ and catered food, were from the Silicon Beach crowd, said Pardee, with friends and former clients bringing along other pals.

“They buy when there’s a party because they think it’s a great party house and they want to have that,” she said. “When we bring a house on the market, we think about what party we should have.”

Familiar territory

Her team has represented Snap employees in the past, though she said there’s been an uptick in interested buyers who work at the company. Those employees are looking at homes priced between $1 million and $8 million in Venice, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, and Manhattan Beach, homes she describes as funky cool and hip.

“They want (a home that is) unique to them,” she said.

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One real estate agency, Halton Pardee + Partners, is offering to cut its commissions for Snap employees.

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