7 Unique Ways to Workout in Los Angeles That Are Anything But Boring

If you’re tired of your boring old gym routine, it might be time to mix it up with a new workout style. Luckily, in addition to endless sunshine and palm trees, Los Angeles also offers an abundance of unique ways to get your sweat on. From yoga on the water to booty shaking classes, here are seven fun workouts you can try that will make you look forward to exercising.


Use the ocean as your yoga mat as you flow during stand up paddleboard yoga on the water of Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey. If you’ve never tried it before, don’t worry. The first 30 minutes of the 90-minute class will teach you how to use the paddleboard properly. It’s open to all levels. Just be sure to slather on the SPF beforehand.

Playground LA

Founded by choreographer Robin Antin (yes, the creator of The Pussycat Dolls) and Kenny Wormald, Playground LA is where you go when you want to dance and have a good time. They host a variety of hip hop classes for different levels including classes that require attendees to wear heels. This isn’t your typical dance cardio class. You’ll actually learn choreography and perform it for each other. So be prepared to let your hair down and let loose.

Prevail Boxing

If your idea of fun involves punching things, then you’ll love Prevail Boxing. You’ll learn boxing techniques, get a full-body sweat-dripping workout, and challenge yourself physically and mentally in the process. They also offer a variety of classes that target different goals such as building lean muscle and dropping those extra pounds.

Ballet Bodies

Want to achieve the long, lean physique of a ballet dancer? Slip on your ballet shoes and tutu and head to Ballet Bodies in West Hollywood. Classes mix ballet techniques with Pilates and barre and are open to newbie and experienced dancers alike. And you might just find yourself twirling next to Kate Mara who is a regular of the studio.

Rise Nation

Tired of the treadmill and elliptical? Try out Rise Nation’s VersaClimber machine. The cult-favorite studio offers 30-minute high-intensity classes that have you climbing anywhere from 700 to 6,000 feet which means you’re going to burn a ton of calories. Expect to leave dripping in sweat and feeling like you climbed a mountain.

AIR Aerial Fitness

If you really want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a whole new way, we suggest giving aerial fitness a shot. Although it may look fun and effortless, these workouts are no joke. They incorporate Pilates, ballet, yoga, and high intensity interval training—all while balancing and swinging from aerial hammocks. There’s even a class that specifically targets your core in case you really want to feel the burn in that area.

Trapeze School

Yes, trapeze school is a real thing and you can do at the Santa Monica Pier. This isn’t your typical workout but it sure is fun and it’s a great way to build strength. During a class, you’ll learn how to fly through the air trapeze-style (while attached to safety lines, of course) as you take in the views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.