Pardee Properties Newsletter – Default – Apr 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018
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This new construction Venice Architectural, designed by Melinda Gray of Gray Matter Architecture, will capture your heart with its stunning finishes and prime location in the heart and soul of Venice.
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What's Happening This Week In:

For the fifth “Talking with Tami” episode in the video series, our CEO + Founder goes over her GAAL method. She tells us a story about how she put positivity out into the world, she “GAALed” someone and ended up getting a little something...
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Company Culture

Spring has sprung and new things are blooming for Halton Pardee! We are so excited and humbled to open our 4th office in the beautiful Culver City/Mar Vista community! On Friday, April 20th, the Culver City and Mar Vista Chambers joined us...
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Home Improvement

All hail the handyman. They’re just so … handy! And yet, these jacks-of-all-trades are also masters of none, which means they have their limits. As such, you might often wonder whether certain home repairs or renovations could be handled...
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Feeling like a Festival Pardee Animal? Not sure what to do and where to go now that Coachella is over? Not to worry! We did our research and found some awesome California festivals still to come for the remainder of the year...
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