Rachael Petersen

Rachael Petersen

Rachael Petersen

Partner | DRE #01708984

A California native, currently residing in Venice, Rachael is one of Pardee Properties’ highest-producers. Rachael started her Real Estate career in 2003 after graduating from Tulane University with a BA in Political Economy. Rachael immediately moved on to work for one of the top Brokers in Beverly Hills as an assistant, gaining invaluable experience and connections.

After obtaining a second degree in Interior Design at UCLA in 2006, she went on to work for one of the top luxury interior design firms in the country. Finding her skills perfectly matched to working with buyers, she returned to real estate. Rachel’s experience, education, upbeat attitude and determination to find the perfect home for her clients is what sets her apart from others. “My clients are part of my family. There is nothing better than handing off a set of keys when the house is officially theirs with a smile, hug, and more often than not a glass of champagne! I love what I do and I love the people I work with.”

Rachael Petersen

Rachael Petersen

Partner | DRE #01708984

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Vivek on Zillow, July 26, 2019

I have been a Halton Pardee + Partners client from before the Halton and Partners parts were added to the name. I have now worked with them in multiple capacities, and my experiences are overwhelmingly positive. Rachael Peterson was my buyer agent in acquiring a property in late 2015. It was not my first purchase, but it was significantly more complicated than my first in several ways: it is a multi-family property, the rental income was necessary in qualifying for the mortgage, there was a tenant to dislodge from the unit that we wanted to occupy ourselves, and it is Los Angeles. Rachael was helpful throughout the process, taking care of a lot of coordination because we had not yet moved to LA. I am happy with every service provider suggestion that she gave, and more than just doing what was necessary or what I knew to ask her to do, she provided guidance when I had open-ended questions. Even if I were to use hindsight in an unfair way, I would find that all of Rachael's opinions proved correct. My only complaint is arguably unreasonable: she did not proactively prevent me from mistakenly considering the house to be in move-in condition. More recently, Keri Coughlan and Josh Flynn have helped me lease one of the units. Most of my contact has been with Keri. I am very happy to have worked with Keri, and I plan to continue to work with her. Paralleling what I wrote about Rachael, an agent adds a lot of value by having well-justified opinions informed by local knowledge and experience. Keri helped me decide which minor renovations were worth completing prior to renting, and importantly she did not encourage me to go overboard. I am confident that she was thinking through my long-term ROI rather than her commission. Rachael and Keri have earned my trust. I have intentionally left "Negotiation skills" blank because I do not have enough basis for an opinion on that.

Colette and Rachael were amazing and made our home buying experience the best we have had. We have bought six homes in six different States, but we have never met as proficient, knowledgeable, and astute agents as we met in Colette Stevens and Halton Pardee. Colette brought her team together to guide us into winning a wonderful home. I feel so blessed that we walked in off the street to the Halton Pardee + Partners office on Ocean Park and were greeted by Colette. She will never know how much her working with us made this move so wonderful. Thanks Colette, Rachael and the whole team at Halton Pardee + Partners. You are true, caring professionals.

Rachael has represented me as a buyer for 2 properties spanning 10 years. I have conducted 8 CA real estate transaction over 25 years and Rachael has been the best agent of the many I have encountered and retained over this period.
She is attentive to her clients needs and listens and makes excellent selections attuned to the clients tastes and expectations. She is reliable, responsive, knowledgeable sophisticated, personable and respected. She goes above and beyond to make your dream come true from arranging financing, insightful recommendations, seeing beyond the surface of the property with an eye to " fixes" if needed and follow through even after the sale is completed. She also is sensitive to the anxieties implicit in any purchase and sale and truly represents her clients interests and concerns.
I had high expectations of a new home attuned to my changed circumstances and a property fitting that description came onto the market and we were there at the outset with all the necessary documents and contingencies ready. This enabled us to present a realistic offer competing against 2 other competitive bids. She used her skills both on the personal and professional level to secure the property. We completed escrow in 30 days which was the quickest I had ever experienced. I was delighted, the buyer was happy and I have now settled in to what has become my ideal home.
Who wouldn't be happy 5 minutes from the beach and 8 minutes from their grandchildren at a price they could afford. I award her 6 stars as she exceeds beyond expectations

Rachael is fantastic and helped us find our perfect home! I appreciated her deep knowledge about the area, and her directness in her appraisal of various properties. She was creative in problem solving issues that came up and made our experience fantastic overall!

I met Racheal as part of Pardee Properties' team on the buying side. I had just sold a property with Pardee, and they did a great job. So I had high expectations and she did not disappoint me! She did an exceptional job with the property purchase. She easily handled some issues that came up with the seller's agent and the loan approval, and was on top of all the inspections and paperwork. Also she saved me money by picking an offer price that was good enough to get accepted but not unnecessarily high.

Her assistant Emma (who also did a great job) helped out but they worked together so well it was like working with one person, there were no communication gaps.

Having seen the Pardee machine in action I can see why they do so well!

Rachael gets the job done. Buying in a hot housing market can be very difficult and requires a lot of patience, but Rachael was masterful in guiding us through the process and helping us find a house faster than we know it took many others. We worked with Rachael over six months and were very impressed by her knowledge, confidence, and experience. She was always on the lookout for upcoming properties, would get us property previews before they went on the market, but most importantly was great at walking us through all of the steps late many evenings when dealing with deadlines and negotiations. She never pressured us to a point we weren't comfortable. We can't say enough great things about her. I am sure there are many great agents out there, but what distinguishes Rachael is her network and relationship with many sellers' agents which certainly helped distinguish us as buyers.

Rachael came highly recommended from close friends and didn't disappoint one bit! She and her team were a huge help to us as we navigated the home buying process for the first time and she was always very responsive to our many questions. Rachael was a great partner during the offer/counteroffer process and diligently guiding us through the escrow/closing process - coordinating with us, our lender, and the seller to ensure that all was proceeding on schedule and according to plan. We can't thank or recommend Rachael and her team enough!

Rachael and the staff at Pardee Properties were amazing. Rachael proved very knowledgeable about the West LA, Santa Monica, Venice, and Marina del Rey markets. As first time home buyers we had many, many questions and she impressed us with her ability to field all of them with clear answers in plain English and solid explanation of her reasoning. No hand-wavy vague answers.

She is very knowledgeable about the various property types and impressed us early on with solid insight into the workings of condo developments and very detail-oriented. In once instance, she fixed several errors in a haphazardly written purchase agreement - which a development company insisted on using.

I strongly recommend Rachael for anyone looking for a new home on the west side, and particularly anyone new to the process.

I am so grateful Rachael Petersen was our buyer's agent. The process of buying a home and getting a loan is nerve-racking and stressful enough. Rachael listened to our needs and referred us to qualified and knowledgeable professionals for everything throughout the process. We closed in 30 days- on time! Rachael's depth of industry knowledge is unsurpassed. She is very professional, kind, always attentive and very responsive to e-mails and calls. Even after we moved in, Rachael made herself available for any needed questions and advice. I highly recommend Rachael- she knows what she's doing and truly cares about her clients! I had a great experience and I will definitely use Rachael in the future for all my real estate needs or referrals.

Rachael was so helpful and extremely patient with us while we were in the process of buying our first home. I can't imagine a smoother experience or a lovelier person to be in the process!

We had a great experience working with Rachael. She was as patient helping us find the right home, as she was fearless in negotiating the best possible deal. Her considerable understanding of the west side market and submarkets helped immensely, and I can't recommend her enough.

Let us first say that we would highly recommend Rachael, and Pardee in general, to help with your home buying process. This was our first home and Rachael and her team made us feel comfortable and like a valued client the entire time (from the initial meeting all the way through closing and moving in).

She quickly became a trusted adviser of ours. She demonstrated exceptional professionalism, provided great energy and a positive attitude, and always looked out for our best interest -- all this while managing our expectations through a challenging Westside real estate environment.

If you are looking for an agent that will (i) be there to help answer your questions, (ii) provide you with guidance and her perspective on the home buying opportunity, and (iii) go above and beyond to do whatever is necessary to make sure you have a positive home buying experience -- Rachael and her team is a great choice.

We can't say enough good things about Rachael and would recommend her to any of our friends and family in a heartbeat.

Now just a bit more details about our story and journey. Purchasing a home on the Westside of Angeles is a daunting process. Add to that, planning for a wedding that is set to occur within the next six months. That was our challenge.

Our desired timeline of closing and moving in before our wedding was starting to diminish. In fact, our closing day on our home was 8 days before our wedding. Rachael helped us navigate through a tricky negotiation process with a selling agent that had no interest in collaborating with our issues.
Long story short, we had essentially two days to move in after a lease-back provision we agreed at the time of our offer. Rachael was able to set us with movers (and a cleaner) on short notice to ensure that we wouldn't need to worry about packing and moving the week of our wedding.

Her extra touches of setting us up with movers and providing a thoughtful moving-in gift, wedding gift, and closing gift were the extra touches on an already great experience.

Newlyweds & New Home Buyers :)

Rachael and her assistant, Emma, were excellent guides through the stressful process of buying a new home. They patiently indulged my anxious calls and texts and immediately responded to any situations that came up. Rachael and Emma work seamlessly together and I enjoyed working with both of them. Rachael successfully navigated me through the tricky waters of a bidding war and for that I will be grateful.

Rachael is a 100-watt real estate agent in a box of 20-watters. When I decided to purchase a home in Marina del Rey, CA, I realized it was going to be an arduous process and I knew I'd need a great real estate agent that would understand who I am and exactly what I was looking for. I started my search by going around the city with a few agents who didn't really take me seriously because of my age (I was 21 at the time, looking for properties in the mid $600k range).

The first few agents I went looking with were very "salesmen-like", yet they didn't really take me seriously and were pretty pushy when it came time to make an offer or not. It seemed like they wanted to show me just a few properties and be done with me. However, I'm a perfectionist and I knew I was going to want to see 20-25 properties before I even began considering making an offer; which led to my relationships with those initial agents sizzling out.

Then came Rachael! Rachael never complained when I wanted to see a property and never tried to change my mind. She showed me everything and anything that I wanted to see and would constantly as what I liked and didn't like about a property. I was amazed at how quickly she caught on to exactly what I was looking for. We looked at a bunch of properties and one day she emailed me with a property that hadn't even really hit the market yet, but she had the connections and relationships to know the property was coming on the market and was able to get me inside right away. This was the home I made my first offer on and Rachael helped me through every single step of the process until I owned my first home!

I can't imagine going through the process of purchasing, renting, selling, or even looking at a home without Rachael. She's my go-to agent for everything real estate.

Rachael is terrific! She found my dream house and expertly and expeditiously negotiated with the seller's agent, was totally on top of inspections and everything ran so smoothly it was the best real estate transaction of my life ( my eighth purchased home so far) . She was so sweet and a delight to work with, would definitely work with her every time from now on and gave recommended her to all my family, co workers and friends with no reservations.