Pardee Properties Newsletter – Apr 21, 2017
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April 21, 2017
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As you enter from one of Venice’s most enchanting walk streets, the tranquil garden greets you, and zenful vibes carries throughout this stunning modern home — even for those with the most discerning of taste.
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The office was abuzz this past week with everyone sharing their Coachella experiences. We couldn't help but overhear the enthusiastic chatter “Who were the surprise acts? Which areas should I avoid? You see any celebs?"...
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The 3rd Venice Design Series, a fundraising event benefiting Venice Community Housing, will take place from April 29 to May 20, 2017.Six artfully curated events will showcase the unique talents and artistic vision that is...
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The notion that women rock, that they make the world go round, that they make businesses thrive, that they make families whole, and that they generally make anything they put their minds to...
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By reinvesting your tax return into these DIY home projects, you’re ultimately getting paid to fix up your home.Pondering how to spend your tax refund? These projects do more than pay for themselves...
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