Thank You Harvest Home For Another Fantastic Gala

This last Saturday, October 6th, the Halton Pardee family attended Harvest Home’s Annual Gala and had an incredible and impactful evening. As a sponsor and long-time supporter of Harvest Home, we were inspired to see the amazing work Harvest Home continues to do and honored to celebrate the inner-strength of all the women the organization serves.

Harvest Home is a local non-profit organization in Venice that services homeless, pregnant women and their babies, offering a nurturing, structured program aimed at helping each woman make changes in her life in order to attain independence and stability. Through case management, classes, and other structures, Harvest Home encourages growth in the following areas: Care for Her Child, Financial Independence, Emotional and Mental Health, Physical Health, and Spiritual Growth.

Radiant Hope, the theme of this year’s Gala, gave the platform for past participants in Harvest Home to share their personal stories and how having hope allowed these women to find success through their time within the organization.

Candice King, this year’s MC, hosted an extraordinary evening, sharing her own personal stories surrounding motherhood and how important Harvest Home is to the growing community of homeless, pregnant women. Sarah Wilson, the Executive Director of Harvest Home, made a passionate and motivational speech, encouraging guests to get involved and help raise funds for their cause. Their goal for the evening was to raise $125,000 to write the next chapter in Harvest Home’s story and we are so proud that so far, they exceeded the goal of the evening, raising over $150,000! The Halton Pardee family not only sponsored a table at the event but donated collectively as individuals that night.

It’s so important to us to support local organizations that are doing good for our community and the people within it. We love Harvest Home and hope you will join us in supporting the incredible gift they give to the women who walk through their doors looking for a second chance.

Here are a few ways you can maximize the impact of the gala:

  • Social Sharing: Feel free to share the link to our donation page with your friends!
  • Employer Match: You can submit your donation for an employer match. (Tax id: 95-4079490)
  • Monthly Donation: You can still set up a monthly donation. Sign up here!
  • Bid on the Radiant Hope paintingThe auction for Bobbie Rich’s original artwork (pictured below) is still open. Bid here!

Also, Harvest Home would love for you to come see your donation at work by joining them at their next Open House on Saturday, November 3 from 10am-12pm! Harvest Home alumnae will be leading tours, and their board of directors and staff will be on site to share more about their programs.


The Halton Pardee + Partners family hope you join us next year as we will definitely be at the Gala again! Check out some of the photos of our night here!