Proto Homes + Halton Pardee

A Partnership We're Sold On

Homebuyers want it all — the latest technology, design, and amenities all under one roof. And in today’s real estate market, most would not consider even building a custom home due to excessive time and costs. So when Halton Pardee + Partners was approached by Frank Vafaee, founder and CEO of Proto Homes, to be the brokerage of record selling Proto Homes, we jumped on the amazing opportunity in representing the homes built by this innovative prefab company. Their mission is to redefine the house narrative by creating a new way of building, designing, and owning a home.

Proto Homes’ predictable, prefab construction and their core infrastructure technology allows streamlined, affordable building costs that start at $150.00 per sq. ft. Never before has a customizable home been so readily accessible and in alignment with the requests of today’s consumers — utilizing the latest technology and eco-conscious smart construction.

We currently have two Proto Homes listed in great locations — Cheviot Hills and Westwood. Experience the next trend in modern living and call us today for a private showing!

Exquisite Architectural in Cheviot Hills

Light + Modern in Westwood