PAUSE Float Studio

Experience the Next Generation of Healing

All of us have uttered these words too many times before — “I need some down time to recharge and take a time out from life.” Living in the digital age has taken a toll on us. We’re overstimulated, overstressed, and overwhelmed. Now more than ever — we need to pause.

Pause Float Studio is where the science of floating is used to create a sensory-free environment, allowing your mind to experience maximum relaxation. It is the 21st-century solution proven to slow your brain down to a stimuli-free state and enter the healing state. The stress hormone Cortisol stops being produced and your mind allocates more of its resources to repair and regenerate.


To achieve this blissed out status, you’ll enter a pod that is filled 10 inches of 93-98 degree water that is custom-blended with 1,000 pounds of therapeutic magnesium sulfate, epsom salts. The magnesium sulfate detoxifies the body, reducing inflammation and increases circulation, making your physical body feel magnificent immediately. This makes the body completely buoyant, allowing the body to detoxify, the spine to unwind, and the healing to begin.

Pause Float Studio is the most elevated floating experience you’ll ever get. You can leave the pod open, closed, ½ way, lights on/off, and play music. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable and prep you to unwind. Pause has custom guided meditations, or you can send ahead a personal playlist to feel right at home.

This state of the art facility is a sensory blend of calm, natural elegance, and privacy. There are private showers within each float room, a spa-like lounge area, plus cold-pressed juices and organic teas are served after each float session.


Experience the next level of healing that’s embraced by the NFL, the NBA, and our very own LA Dodgers. Visit Pause Float Studio to find out more and make an appointment today.

Pause Float Studio

13353 Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90066