Our Top 10 Coachella List

Why Weekend Two Is Better

The office was abuzz this past week with everyone sharing their Coachella experiences. We couldn’t help but overhear the enthusiastic chatter “Who were the surprise acts? Which areas should I avoid? You see any celebs?” Yes, Weekend 1 is fresh, we won’t lie. But, we have some die-hard Coachella fans who swear the second Weekend is even better. Here are our top 10 reasons why:

1. Less Crowded

If you like your personal space and NOT having to hold your drink high up in the air to avoid bumps and spillage, then seriously consider going the second weekend. The cell coverage is better too 🙂

Photo credit: DesignBoom

2. The Kinks Are Worked Out

It happened last weekend — technical difficulties interrupted headliners and some performances, even with technically perfect sound quality, were lackluster. Maybe some artists were nervous, not knowing what to expect? Whatever the reasons, any problems that plagued Weekend 1 are usually solved and perfected in time for Weekend 2. Performers and techies, looking to make up for it, don’t want fans to leave disappointed.

3. Reatime Word-Of-Mouth

Press and social media allow you to experience the happenings in real time and have a better idea of what you’re getting into.

4. The Inside Scoop

The best way to get the post-Coachella Weekend 1 scoop is through first-hand accounts from friends, friends of friends, and family members. You can find out everything there is to to know to ensure you have a great trip, adding to your excitement and anticipation.

5. Prep and Plan

Now that you have all this valuable info from Weekend 1, you can create a strategic plan and schedule your days so you won’t miss the bands you’re dying to see or go hungry.

6. Research the Artists

This is part of #5, but so important we made it its own number. Venture out of your comfort zone and see artists who are going to be there, but you’ve never heard of. You may just hear your new favorite. Create a playlist and expand your musical mind. We’ve already started ours: Listen Here.

As we mentioned at the top of this list, weekend two is generally more mellow, with less attendees. This means less packed-in crowds (more comfort!), shorter lines (more time!) and more space to wander (breathing room!). Here are a few must-see attractions to explore at the festival this upcoming weekend.

7. Do Lab

Photo credit: Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG

Coachella is not just about the music – it’s a whole sensory experience and watch your Instagram blow up once you capture and post these amazing, colorful structures on the polo fields.

8. The Beer Garden

Everyone’s favorite hangout. Why is it better weekend 2? No, the prices are the same for both weekends but with less people around, you’ll spend less time waiting for that cold one to get in your hand and more time sipping it.

Photo Credit: LA Times

9. The Art Installations

Get your culture on and more amazing photo ops with the art installations as your backdrops.

10. Tie: The Coachella Stage + The Outdoor Stage

Nothing against performers in the tents, of course, but we’re fans of the larger stages and the surrounding, wide open spaces. It’s where we like to spend most of our time at ‘Chella. We’ll post up on the grass with our beach towels and hope to see you there!

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