Latte Art Throwdown: A Caffeinated Competition

We love supporting local businesses and can’t wait for an exciting event that our new neighbors in Mar Vista are “brewing” up.

The Event

On Friday June 15th mylk will be hosting a Latte Art Throwdown, a Latte Art competition like no other. Baristas will gather from all over LA and the OC to compete in the largest non-dairy Latte Art competitions using mylk’s Almond, Hemp and Oat mylk blends. The event is also a launch party for our new Flash Frozen Barista Blend product.

The competition will involve 1 MC, 3 judges and a number of Baristas competing for the BEST latte art through a series of rounds for the big cash prize and many other amazing prizes. Other entertainment throughout the night will include a DJ, a (plant-based) food truck, a juice cocktail bar, craft beer on tap, a ‘chill out’ lounge area, an experienced barista training attendees how to steam the perfect ‘mylk’ latte on the espresso machine all night, almond mylk on tap from the ‘JuiceBot’ vending machine and video footage of the step by step of the new Flash Frozen Barista Blend product.


The purpose of the event is to introduce the new flash frozen product to Baristas from cafes throughout LA and the OC, who will now be able to purchase their Barista Blend for the first time. The Flash Frozen product extends the shelf life of their Barista blend and allows it to be shipped further than they have ever been able to before, while maintaining the exact same quality and nutrition as our fresh product.

They want to educate Baristas and consumers that you drinking a plant-based mylk with your coffee doesn’t mean you have to compromise the taste, quality or your health.

They want to get Baristas excited about how well their Barista blend steams up and how easy and enjoyable it is to work with. Once Baristas experience working with mylk themselves, they know they will love it and they will be the influence to get it into their cafes.

Networking will be a huge part of the event as we expect 200 – 300 attendees mostly from the coffee community as well as some from the Health and wellness community.

This is also an opportunity to bring the wellness and coffee community together for the first time. To let the wellness community know that they can have healthy and better options from local cafes and to motivate Baristas work wellness/selfcare into their lives.

The different activations will emphasize Plant Powered Wellness. And show both communities how cool, delicious and effective plant life can be.

About mylk:

mylk Barista Blend is a superior plant-based milk made for Baristas. mylk is here to revolutionize Plant-based lattes.

They only use REAL ingredients. They never add any binders, fillers, chemicals, carrageenan, oils, hormones, gums or preservatives. The end result is that their Barista blend steams up just as well as dairy milk and tastes delicious. Baristas love working with their product and customers love consuming it. They don’t compromise, neither should you.


What: Latte Art Competition + Flash Frozen Barista Blend Launch
Where: Alana’s Coffee Roasters: 12511 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066
When: Friday, June 15th 7:30pm – 11pm
More info: