Supporting Local Schools

Education is the Best Foundation

Education is a cornerstone of our community—not only does it shape the future generation, it helps children grow, build self-reliance, develop opinions, and create a perspective for approaching challenges.

At Halton Pardee our company both values education and understands that many schools need additional support to help make ends meet. This summer we held a special poetry contest where the first 20 kids to successfully say Edgar Albert Guest’s poem “It Couldn’t Be Done” completely from memory won $500 for their school!

St. Mark School, Venice

The inspiration for the contest came from Founder/CEO Tami Halton Pardee whose father encouraged the kids to memorize poems—from here, Tami developed a love for poetry and this contest was a way to help share and inspire other young people.

Our special contest raised over $5,500 in direct funds for local schools. Plus, as an exciting turn of events, we delivered one of our donations to the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Education Foundation on a day in which other donors offered triple-matched all fundraising efforts and bringing the total value of the students efforts to $7,000!

Our own Client Experience Director, Charla Myers with Linda Greenberg the Executive Director of SMMUSDEF

This poetry contest was only one way in which we help—through September 2016 our commitment has amounted to over $22,500 to our local schools. We know it takes a village to ensure a dynamic community… being involved in helping schools, hearing from the principals about progress, and meeting the students is one of the highlights of our Westside lifestyle.