Art at the Rendon Presents Stories — One Weekend Only

In June, more than 80 artists transformed The Rendon, a vacant hotel in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, into a series of art installations. From Friday, November 9, through Sunday, November 11, The Rendon will be activated again!

Art at the Rendon: STORIES is an immersive experience that turns the hotel itself into a stage and screen as it explores a fictionalized version of the building’s past. On the exterior, projection-mapped short films will allow visitors to see into the building’s windows, offering glimpses into the lives of The Rendon’s residents.Ralph Ziman, an artist, and filmmaker, is leading the project. He says, “I’ve never seen projection mapping done in this way. I think having a very strong human element in it just makes it really relatable and interesting and gives it a lot of depth.” Maria Greenshields-Ziman, the Creative Director says, “The audience are voyeurs, peeking into the lives of the inhabitants – characters – in each room. We want the audience to wonder:  How did this person get here? Where did they come from? Why are they acting the way they do? What will happen to them when I leave the room? We want to fire the audience’s curiosity.”

Ticketholders will be invited to move freely through two floors of the hotel, entering individual rooms where actors will present different slices of life. Opera singer Rachel Staples Guettler will perform live at the event.

Downstairs, the hotel’s corner dive bar, Licha’s Bar and Grill, will be reimagined as a 1920s speakeasy with libations by Angel City Brewery, Infuse Spirits and Pali Wine as well as live music by The Vignes Rooftop Revival. All are based in the Arts District.

While STORIES focuses on The Rendon’s history, the event’s creative elements hint at the building’s future. Ziman says, “The idea of it is that over time, The Rendon will represent art, music, acting, theater… different layers of culture. A little bit of everything. We don’t want to repeat ourselves, we want to keep exploring.”

STORIES continues Art at The Rendon’s commitment to the local arts community. 100% of proceeds benefit local arts organizations Inner City Arts and Cornerstone Theater Company.


Art At The Rendon: STORIES

Friday, November 9 (7 – 10 pm)
Saturday, November 10 (7 – 10 pm)
Sunday, November 11 (6 – 9 pm)

The Rendon
2055 E. 7th Street, Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, 90021

For more information, visit