2016 Reflections

"When the path reveals itself, follow it."

~ Cheryl Strayed

As 2016 comes to a close and reflecting on this past year, I think I will remember it as a time when taking the path less traveled has started to become the norm. We see it everyday in how we think, work, and live. Even the type of milk we drink shows our different tastes and styles — 2%, 1%, organic, soy, almond, coconut, goat — need I say more? The world does not accept the status quo anymore, which is a good thing. To me, this means to live with your eyes wide open. Look for the signs and look for them everywhere because that could be the opportunity you need to act upon.

How do you know when you see the path? Having an open mind and heart is where you start, and it needs to be rooted in everything you do — both personally and professionally. It creates an unbiased perspective, allowing me to see what’s ahead with a fresh mindset. Like I said in my November blog, How to Play the Cards You’ve Been Dealt, I like to “sleep on it.” It helps you get in the zone and clearly see the path that’s coming toward you. In real estate, we have to look at all aspects and every path that’s presented to us. We always make sure to put our clients on the correct path for the successful sale of their home — both financially and emotionally. It’s the perfect balancing act we strive to achieve, and I think that’s really important because balance is the key to happiness in life. For us, the rewards of the deal go far beyond the transaction as relationships lay the groundwork for future paths of fulfillment with our clients.

My wish for everyone as they embrace their own reflection is to keep an open mind, connect the dots, be brave, and when the path reveals itself, follow your intuition and go for it!